31 October 2008

Bus commuters caught in terminology jam

The Straits Times reported that commuters disputed the Public Transport Council's finding that "buses were late on only 25 occasions and too crowded only 28 times" during a six-month period. Indeed it is too good to be true. Full essay.

30 October 2008

From Alexandra Hospital to Washington: The currency of race

Faced with racism, what do we do? What should we do? On November 4th, in the US presidential election, the biggest blow yet may be struck against this social cancer. Full essay.

27 October 2008

Fatwas, sermons and religious meddling

Malaysian clerics issue a fatwa against butch-dressing and lesbian sex; India's Additional Solicitor-General is chastised by a court for quoting the Bible as evidence; California's Catholic Church instructs its congregants to vote against gay marriage. Full essay.

26 October 2008

A troika of news from an economic tailspin

Las Vegas Sands goes hat in hand to banks, looking for funds; the world looks for new reserve currencies in place of the US dollar; while at home, a shop is looking for buyers for its "goods". Full essay.

24 October 2008

Cantonese Sydney

Unlike my usual solo travelling, I was in Sydney with friends. Albeit that the company was unrepresentative of Australians as a whole, going out with them showed me a side of Sydney that I might never have encountered myself - one with an amazing amount of Cantonese being spoken. Full essay.

Three walks in Sydney

A photo essay from three walks I took along the ocean and harbour shores of Sydney Australia. They offered great views and varying moods. Photo essay.

10 October 2008

Academic freedom and the Rascals Prize

Academic freedom has to be fought for. A spark has been lit in Singapore, with a protest on Hong Lim Green. Apart from political OB markers, gay subjects are often taboo in academia too, but the last 5 years or so have seen students exploring this field and lecturers encouraging them to do so. Time for a prize to honour the best work. Full essay.

08 October 2008

With recession coming, what social safety nets have we in place?

As a flat tax, the GST has created social inequity. The obvious response should be for the state to set up arrangements to redistribute income and provide social safety nets. Has it done so? Full essay.

05 October 2008

J B Jeyaretnam: The iconography begins

PAP leaders and the Straits Times have been disgraceful in the way they responded to the death of opposition leader J B Jeyaretnam. The Straits Times called him "irrelevant". Was he? Will he be? How long before memory and significance fades? Full essay.

02 October 2008

Blogtv's "Am I gay?" episode

After nine years, Channel NewsAsia revisits the topic of homosexuality in sex education programs. A considerable improvement over their first attempt, but like so many CNA programs, rather rushed and light-weight. Full essay.