29 October 2007

Robo Chan's short-lived happiness

Modern news is full of numbers and we are easily lulled into taking them at face value. Full essay.

27 October 2007

The limits of civility

Who was the mystery guy who wanted to desecrate Thio Li-Ann's grave? Full essay.

Stockholm and Gothenburg

Oh no, not holiday pictures! Well, not, since I wasn't holidaying there. But just a few photos with tales behind them. Photo essay.

26 October 2007

Non-repeal of 377A : Was it all a blunder?

The government hates having to wrestle with contentious issues, especially ones with religious undercurrents, yet it stumbled into a hot debate about Section 377A. Full essay.

21 October 2007

The loonies are marching

The anti-gay lobby has set up not one, not two, but 3 different websites calling for action over 377A. The third summons the faithful to a march. Full essay.

20 October 2007

Newspapers should beware of being shunned by the intelligent

Just looking at the stuff about 377A in the newspapers and the blogosphere, a trend becomes noticeable, and it's not an auspicious one for the mainstream print media. Full essay.

19 October 2007

Wednesday's little things

We make countless observations as we go about our daily business, but because we tend to mind our own business, we don't give much thought to what we see. Yet, little things can point to larger social trends. Full essay.

Singapore squirms as Burmese protest

This is a piece I wrote recently for The Asia Times, on how the expatriate Burmese community in Singapore and their local sympathisers experience the Singapore government's heavy hand. External story.

17 October 2007

When warnings go unheeded

It's getting harder for the government to ban public protests. People are increasingly likely to defy or circumvent warnings, and the cost of a crackdown is rising. Full essay.

15 October 2007

Straight thoughts on 377A

Sam, a university student, asks his friends to sign the petition to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code. Guest essay.

13 October 2007

Is there really a race called 'Malays'?

This guest piece by Michael from Malaysia looks at the inconsistent use of the term 'Malay', and how it is contested by the very people often classified as 'Malay'. Guest essay.

Southeast Asian royal families and West Asian links

A guest piece by Dreamhunter throws light into how, centuries ago, princes and mercenaries from West Asia found their way into the early royal houses of some Southeast Asian states. Guest essay.

11 October 2007

Black and blue

The New Zealand rugby team does a Maori haka before each match. What do the words mean? Full essay.

10 October 2007

Petition to the prime minister: repeal 377A now

An online petition is open until 19 October to ask the government to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code forthwith. Alas, too many signatories have chosen to use pseudonyms. Full essay.

Burma: don't rule out sanctions

If UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari is to have any influence, he must be backed by the possibility of economic sanctions. Asean must not shirk its responsibility in helping to make this threat meaningful. Full essay.