29 June 2007

A world without objective, impartial newspapers

The government says that it is critically important for Singapore to have mainstream media that report the facts impartially. That's why the mainstream media are regulated more tightly than cyberspace. But is it sustainable? Do blogs have historical parallels than can help illuminate what the future may hold? Full essay.

The peace faction has got it wrong

They all sound the same - these articles that say Islam is a religion of peace. How convincing can they be? How effective in the battle against extremism? Full essay.

13 June 2007

Changing the information landscape

With a Freedom of Information Act, we can know how a government decision was made, but it still does not give us any way to correct its behaviour. Or does it? Full essay.

11 June 2007

Teacher unaccountably terminated

When pressed for a reason, the Ministry of Education provided a mouthful of gibberish. Opacity in government hides mistakes, abuses and even corruption. Power must be balanced by accountability. That's why we need a Freedom of Information Act. Full essay.

09 June 2007

Creationism - a dangerous beast

Believing in creationism is not just stubbornly illogical, its propagation is also a threat to the public good. But does it not have the immunities we grant to religion? Full essay.

05 June 2007

Lina Joy case holds lessons for Singapore

Look carefully at this celebrated Malaysian case and you'll see legal questions that resonate with our own experience of law and bureaucracy in Singapore too. Full essay.

03 June 2007

My kissing project, part 1

I am embarking on a project taking photographs, with the aim of putting them up in a small exhibition. But something tells me this is going to run into censorship problems wth the state. Full essay.

02 June 2007

Watch out for the big men

Veteran opposition politician J B Jeyaretnam wants to form a new party to push for reforming Singapore's political system. Are his chances of success good? Full essay.