03 June 2007

My kissing project, part 1

I am embarking on a project taking photographs, with the aim of putting them up in a small exhibition. But something tells me this is going to run into censorship problems wth the state. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

>Does it make any sense that a same-sex kiss is allowed on celluloid, but not in still photographs?

sure it makes sense; there is an official censorship system restricting who can see a particular film; you want the government to introduce a similar system with photos?

Philip said...

Hey Alex, i think you have missed out on Indian movies for a while. They started kissing a few years ago. And they haven't stopped munching. ;)

I think the Indian movies are today more raunchy than their Hollywood counterparts.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

To anonymous, 02 June, 17:11 -

Eh? The MDA does have a rating and censorship system in place for all exhibitions, including photo exhibitions. And in some ways, it's stricter than film. Was my writing so unclear that this didn't come through?

Anonymous said...

Alex, are I ask you a question? Are you a Homosexual?

Anonymous said...


Where have you beeeeen?

You (I mean the comment just above) sound so shocked. Alex is not the only gay blogger around. There are so many others. Gee, wake up to the real world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex, it looks like the Enrique Iglesias video from youtube that you posted is no longer available there.