29 March 2007

Singapore government promotes obscenity

How else would one describe the proposal to raise already high ministerial salaries by a further 55 percent? Full essay.

27 March 2007

Compensating for a frustrating neighbourhood

Asean's going nowhere. The barrier-free common market remains a distant dream. Can Singapore remain a prosperous place in an unco-operative neighbourhood? Full essay.

25 March 2007

Bye bye, musical fountain

Sentosa's musical fountain has to make way for a casino and integrated resort. Some pictures before it goes into history. Photo essay.

23 March 2007

Don't infect the state with religion

Gregory Paul, in a 2005 study, suggested a correlation between a society's religiosity and social ills. Looking at our Malay community. How secular should a 'secular state' be? Full essay.

20 March 2007

Life in construction

Uncaring supervisors at construction sites put workers in danger. But sometimes, supervisors get laid off too. Full essay.

17 March 2007

The good ol' days of jail and caning for immorality

We forget easily. It wasn't that long ago when the police routinely went out to entrap gay men. Three news stories from 1990 - 1993. Full essay.

16 March 2007

Will ours be an overcrowded city?

Many people are concerned about overcrowding should Singapore's population hit 6.5 million. Should they be? What can be done to mitigate any reduction in the quality of life? Full essay.

14 March 2007

Sandstorm masks politics of diversion

Indonesia has banned the export of sand to Singapore, dealing a blow to our construction industry. Was it really for environmental reasons, or, as some officials have said, to pressure us over the extradition treaty? Full essay.

13 March 2007

Criminalise lesbianism, say Church leaders

The National Council of Churches wants the government to be consistent. Since homosexual acts are "sinful and abhorrent" according to their faith, so not only gay males sex but lesbian sex too should be a crime. Anal sex by heterosexuals is OK, though. Full essay.

11 March 2007

Forgotten markers of history

Various periods of our past have left marks on the land from big holes in the ground to statues above ground. Here are five, each telling a little story about Singapore's history. Photo essay.

07 March 2007

Race, religion and the sinicisation of Singlish

Singlish as a used language evolves all the time, but the more recent changes are often influenced by Chinese, not Malay. To discuss this leads to a discussion about race. But why should race (and religion) be taboo subjects, as some figures in authority suggest? Full essay.

04 March 2007

Gays should support censorship, says Andy Ho

The Straits Times writer strains to make a case why gay men should support the ban on Leslie Kee's book SuperStars. Full essay.

01 March 2007

Incredible wife makes disappearing act

Oscar winner Melissa Etheridge's words were edited out by Mediacorp's Channel 5. Perhaps they were too 'global' for our provincial minds? Full essay.