14 March 2007

Sandstorm masks politics of diversion

Indonesia has banned the export of sand to Singapore, dealing a blow to our construction industry. Was it really for environmental reasons, or, as some officials have said, to pressure us over the extradition treaty? Full essay.

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Anonymous said...

Here are some thoughts,
1. Singapore is where the rich Indonesians come and roost, with their huge amounts of money, and yes...there is no extradition treaty between Singapore n Indonesia. White collar criminals with their ill-gotten gains can be safe in Singapore.
2. Singapore has no natural resources.
3. Singapore can buy their sand elsewhere?
4. or send some token rich Indonesians back to Indonesia?
Singapore can boast itself to be a great banking center, but if one has nothing to bargain with?
Who is in the weaker postion?
5. Or do what many others do- buy the sand at the price that Indonesia wishes to sell.