30 December 2006

Neither honesty nor religious tolerance needed

What America's religious right has lately got up to, on the matter of gay couples raising children and Congressmen of a different faith. Full essay.

29 December 2006

Cinema: Borat is boring

Meant as a spoof of widespread anti-semitism and other prejudices commonly found among Americans, this film has had a vigourous build-up. But it fails to make its intended point. Full essay.

26 December 2006

Unintelligent toilets

Public rest rooms in Singapore are equipped with all sorts of sensors and gadgets, yet in some other aspects, they are poorly designed. Full essay.

24 December 2006

Abolishing death penalty: understanding the challenges

It's an uphill task educating the public about the death penalty, particularly in Singapore where judicial executions lack transparency, writes Charles Tan. Guest essay.

23 December 2006

Singapore bans tsunami charity book, part 2

The government explained that Leslie Kee's book was banned because it contained "explicit male nudity". It told the New Paper that female nudity was acceptable, but not male nudity. What does this tell us about the government's motives? Full essay.

22 December 2006

Singapore bans tsunami charity book

World famous photographer Leslie Kee's book "Superstars" has been banned. Launched in Hong Kong, the book featured 300 Asian artistes and celebrities. The MDA said it contained "full nudity", violating Singapore's "acceptable norms". Judge for yourself. Full essay .

A nonbeliever in the religion of food

We have our favourites in our food paradise, or are they just fads? Is it even a food paradise at all? Full essay.

20 December 2006

The safety limits of globalisation

More and more, we note the job insecurities and income disparities that are consequences of globalisation. Clearly, as markets and corporations become global, there are downsides that need to be addressed, but how effective are governments that are only local? Full essay.

16 December 2006

Bedside reading

Some people get worked up over sexual titillation and pornography. Porn dehumanises women, they say, but the funny thing about such communities that get all upset is how unequally genderised they tend to be in the first place. Full essay.

14 December 2006

Rio teenagers most gay-accepting

BBC's recent poll of teenagers from 10 cities found that the next generation from third-world cities is not necessarily homophobic, reports Charles Tan. Guest essay.

How to treat citizens better than foreigners

The Health Minister announced recently that healthcare subsidies for migrant workers will be eliminated. This is to "treat visitors well, but citizens better". Full essay.

07 December 2006

There's public consultation and there's public consultation

The Hong Kong government has just abandoned its proposal for 5% GST, after listening to citizens via public consultations. How does Singapore's public consultation process compare? Full essay.

06 December 2006

Blogging and the making of history

There is a difference between academic history and popular history (a.k.a. national myths), and bloggers may well be the ones writing the latter. Yet the Workers' Party seems rather poor at seizing the moment. Full essay.

03 December 2006

Attitudes towards HIV risks and education

Results of the online survey into how the more politically-aware Singaporean internet surfers see HIV risks and possible counter-measures. Do gays and straights hold different opinions? Do males and females see things differently? Full essay.

01 December 2006

Cinema: Indigenes and others

I'm among the tiny minority who go for art films. I saw two good ones, from Germany and France, just this week. One was about a rapist trying to adjust back to society and the other, about a little-known fact from the Second World War. Full essay.