22 December 2006

Singapore bans tsunami charity book

World famous photographer Leslie Kee's book "Superstars" has been banned. Launched in Hong Kong, the book featured 300 Asian artistes and celebrities. The MDA said it contained "full nudity", violating Singapore's "acceptable norms". Judge for yourself. Full essay .


Anonymous said...

The PHOTOS are fabulous!
and all of this is banned? That is nonsensical illogical thinking.

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't be surprised if there ia a hidden agenda.

For instance, is Kee a critic of the govt. You shouldn't be surprised if this govt keeps score of who said what about itself, privately or publicly, esp. overseas!

boon said...

To be honest, it's impossible to judge without first seeing the book.

But all it takes is one explicit photo for the entire book to be banned (the one with Andy Hui and the other male artiste seems to be a good example). And showing the male penis is very explicit indeed. This isn't just "a few wisps of pubic hair". Gilbert Cheah seems to be the one exaggerating here, not MDA.

The fact it's a limited edition means the impact of the ban is largely symbolic, and doesn't cause much actual inconvenience to the public. So why the big hoo-hah?

Lastly, does its status as a fund-raiser for tsunami victims mean it should get special treatment? Can I print a collection of topless women and justify it by raising funds for my favourite charity? I don't think so.

After reading your article and viewing the photos, I've become more sympathetic to MDA's decision.

Anonymous said...

No wonder local talent is not happy to stay in Singapore. We wouldn't have to have pay as many talented foreigners to come to Singapore if we could keep more locals here. But if successful locals are banned, then how? Govt want locals to be creative, but creative ones leaves because of this stupidity. No wonder got no successful one in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I guess there will more people buying now.. from amazon? lol.. will that happen?

Anonymous said...

Leslie Kee is ahome-grown SINGAPOREAN! 'After spending a decade in Japan, Leslie moved to New York in 2002. Today, Leslie Kee is one of the most prominent fashion and celebrity photographers. He has contributed to magazines worldwide, including V, Rolling Stone, Surface, Times, Vogue Nippon, Harper’s Bazaar Japan, Werk and Big. His advertising clients include Shiseido, Dunhill, Levis, Sony, Burberry, Harrods, De Beers and Pepsi. He has shot album covers for many Asian musicians. The celebrity line-up that Leslie has worked with include Gong Li, Shawn Yue, Nicholas Tse, Quentin Tarantino, Ayumi Hamasaki, Faye Wong, Naomi Campbell n Paris Hilton..."
Hey, I thought the name rang a bell/
We should all be proud! Kee is born n bred in Singapore, n now has attained celeb status in his WORK!
C'mom, give it for leslie Kee! Look at Kee's photos, they are super! to reach such a level of achievement, Singapore SHOULD BE PROUD of its homeboy! he is in there with the top photographers!

Anonymous said...

The layout of Kee's work is fabulous! Very tastefully done!

Anonymous said...

How would Singapore's MDA get creative people to stay?
the likes of Leslie Kee, and many authors have to leave Singapore to get their books published?
Singapore gets rid of REAL TALENT.

Anonymous said...

It is immoral to look at pictures of naked men and women. You are all terrible, wicked people. You should all be ashamed. Learn from your PAP MPs and cabinet ministers -- all of whom are role models for morality and none of them have ever seen a naked man/woman in their life -- they have sex fully clothed or in completely darkness.