06 December 2006

Blogging and the making of history

There is a difference between academic history and popular history (a.k.a. national myths), and bloggers may well be the ones writing the latter. Yet the Workers' Party seems rather poor at seizing the moment. Full essay.


sad man said...

At times, I too wonder how vibrant is the Chinese Blogging community in Singapore. Would we have a more active citizenry like Hong Kong if more Chinese heartlanders read Chinese Blogs?

Anonymous said...

A lot of awareness has to be created for the bloggers to increase.U and i in singapore has to do it

Anonymous said...

I agreed with your observation wrt WP should be seizing the moment and communicate more with their supporters from the last GE 2006. There are so many hot issues recently and nothing on their website. Some ppl termed it as the deafening silence from WP on goverment policies and issues after the election. Some current hot issues are GST, FT policies etc. Are they afraid that they might tilt the support from the ground if they discuss sensitive on their website..hmmm? ...what we now see is that ex WP member Goh Meng Seng, who is still active in the sammyboy forum and using his REAL name to post. Honestly i think he should not be using his real name in sammyboy because he is causing WP to be ridiculed by anonymous forummers. He cannot win over there because those people attacking WP via Goh Meng Seng are in the dark and he is naked and exposed.

Anonymous said...

Many are somewhat puzzled by the silence from the Workers Party when there are so many important issues that could, at least, be commented upon. If the Party continues in this approach, they would lose their support. There must be regular and open communication with the masses.

Anonymous said...

And what you get is this ex WP member Goh Meng Seng posting in the Sammyboy Alfresco forum. There is a CRINGE factor reading of 9 in all his postings and replies. He is doing more harm than good. Someone should talk to him in a sensible way and get him to stop posting in his real name. GMS if he still feel for his former party he should stop posting in his real name in the mentioned forum.

recruit ong said...

WP and ppl like CST pay the price of trying to survive in the PAP system. They are effectively muzzled and they do self-censorship for fear of the famous defamation suits. In other words they are where the PAP wants them to be. I really wonder how effective they can be.

Anonymous said...

BLOGS are the closest thing to the 'freedom of speech'. Singaporeans should seize upon it. In fact, many people read Blogs, I do, as one gets the real report of what is happening in Singapore. For propaganda, read CNA or ST.
BLOGS are great, even if one is discussing over the planting of Roses! Decoration of one's own home, and how to set the ambience of a cosy place, when returning from work.
Like lighting candles,, crytal balls hanging in the kitchen n entrance ways, a little fountain, in the kitchen with trickling water, n incense, just light them up, n open the windows! Awesome, see an exchange of ideas?
BLOGS can be anything that the person is interested about.
BLOGS are the way to go for anyone with a message n the best part, is when there is a 'COMMENT' section for response. Unhappy daters have written up their own BLOGS, warning people of what they went thru', believe me...BLOGS is the new 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH' for Singaporeans.

Pseudonymity said...

Hi YB,

I thought you & your readers might be interested in this. ;-)

I featured the book in two of my posts titled Days of Being Wild AND Folks, Go Get This Book! I was pleasantly surprised the author of the book, Dana Lam, visited my blog and left a comment in the latter post 'cos my blog doesn't have a large readership.

I was also over at Hong Lim on Sun to observe and take photos of the Freedom Walk event. I've centralised those posts under the header "Freedom Walk Photos & Reports". A few hours ago I uploaded more exclusive photos of the event.

Cheers! ;-)

zj83 said...

To me it doesnt really matter which political party(all political parties always proclaim to have the people's interest, tell me who don't) forms the govt. if the workers party really wins over as the majority in paliament, they will also tend to abuse their power on the citizens. 'Absolute Power corrupts" n this applies to anyone.

What's really impt to me is that Sg politics shld move towards a power divide paliament. 60-40 or 55-45. As long as the power is divided among various political parties, then a liberal society could be formed. All political parties would eventually turn on their interest of the people in order to win votes instead of waiting for our voices or plight to be heard only during the GE period.

I rem one friend who stays in Potong Pasir (MP Chiam See Tong Of SDA) recount how he benefitted living in an opposition zone : "Mr Chiam provided the neighbourhood with much Convenience through the FREE upgrading of the lifts. Why would we wana vote for other political party and their upgrading package, where there it is likely that we still have to fork out thousand of dollars even thought the promised package is worth ten of millions of dollars."