27 January 2007

Performing law

The conveyor belt takes Tochi to the noose. Is the claim that the death penalty is a deterrent meaningful? Full essay.

26 January 2007

Renckens' wrenching idea

A Catholic priest in Singapore wrote an article suggesting a rethink of the Church's position on homosexuality. A flood of negative responses ensued. What do they show about the respondents' state of mind? Full essay.

25 January 2007

Catholic adoption agencies demand exemption from serving gay couples

The head of the Roman Catholic Church in the UK wrote to PM Tony Blair over the Equality Act, threatening to close Catholic adoption agencies rather than serve gay couples as required by the non-discrimination provisions of the new law. Full essay.

22 January 2007

Half of younger Singaporeans consider homosexuality "acceptable"

From their survey of 800 people under 30 years of age, the Singapore Polytechnic found that 50% said homosexuality was acceptable. How did it get that way? Full essay.

20 January 2007

Saint Jack slays two myths

This 1978 film is valuable to us, adding to Singapore's cultural capital. The saga of this film is also instructive. Full essay.

17 January 2007

The youthful and the idealistic: The University of Malaya Socialist Club in history

In this guest article, Loh Kah Seng recounts the significance of an example of student activism in Singapore. In the 1950s and 1960s, the Socialist Club played an invaluable role in raising political consciousness, at a time when Singapore's political future was in flux. Guest essay.

Sir, may I have the can please?

Economists at a recent conference pointed out that Singapore seems to have a dual economy, with the domestic sector much more sluggish than the globally-oriented one. They warned of social instability to come. Two recent encounters with the destitute suggest that society may already be fraying at the edges. Full essay.

16 January 2007

Why non-violence is not mischief

Charles Tan looks at the way others have used non-violent civil action to press their points of view, and wonders why Singaporeans dismiss this strategy. Guest essay.

12 January 2007

Temasek Holdings stews in familiar juice

Temasek Holdings appears to be caught in difficulties arising from Thailand having a law that wasn't enforced for convenience until politics changed the game, but the Singapore government has no right to complain as it is just as keen on such fudges. Full essay.

07 January 2007

The eye that popped up from nowhere

Virtually out of the blue, a giant ferris wheel was set up and inaugurated in Kuala Lumpur, giving Malaysia a headstart over the Singapore Flyer. Full essay.

06 January 2007

Man at faregate refutes creationism

Three incidents relating to metro transport illustrate how humans think. Unfortunately, the process sometimes does not yield workable results. Full essay.

03 January 2007

We are all collaborators now

There is a common link between the relatively tiny problem of how to enforce a smoking ban on eating places and a key mechanism of totalitarianism, which is to get ordinary citizens to exercise control over each other on behalf of the government. Full essay.

02 January 2007

New Year fireworks

Fireworks are always an enjoyable challenge to photography enthusiasts. Last year's attempt didn't turn out well. This year? Photo essay.