30 October 2006

Temasek Holdings' Tongnoi tangle

Our billion-dollar investment company came close to having a scoundrel as a corporate advisor. In the process, it dragged in the good name of the Thai royal family. Full essay.

28 October 2006

Kim's bomb and Pax Sinica

North Korea tested a nuclear device earlier this month. The US has very few options in responding to it, while China has more leverage. Full essay.

New Jersey court orders legislature to provide for same-sex unions

In a 4:3 split decision, the Supreme Court of the state of New Jersey ruled that it was discriminatory to deny same-sex couples the rights and benefits of marriage. Full essay.

27 October 2006

After Foley, burn the closet

For those of you following the Mark Foley case in the USA, my commentary about it can be found on Fridae.com. Mark Foley was the Congressman who had to resign after news broke that he had sent sexually inappropriate messages to teenagers. Link to article. Comments to that article should be placed on the Fridae site.

25 October 2006

Cable TV fined over lesbian sex

Singapore's cable TV operator aired an episode of reality series 'Cheater'. Even though the scenes were pixelated and the show broadcast at midnight, the government, sans judicial process, fined them S$10,000. Full essay.

From oil lamps to LEDs

At Eid, we often see coloured lights strung around windows of apartments. Dean Johari explains where this custom came from. Letter.

Two architects, two paths

A letter by architect Jyanzi Kong about the 2 proposals for the Sentosa integrated resort. The designs by Michael Graves and Frank Gehry represent two opposite ends of prevailing architectural thought. Letter.

21 October 2006

Co-opting, Singapore-style

At every general election, one or more candidates is said to have been "co-opted" by the People's Action Party. What does this practice mean for the maturity of our politics? Full essay.

Festive light-ups - Ramadan/Eid

The third of the 3 festivals falling in October is Eid, more commonly known here as Hari Raya Puasa. Geylang Serai is lit up, and huge tents erected to make a big bazaar. Photo essay.

19 October 2006

Christian Taliban demands censorship

George Lim wrote to the Straits Times damning most movies as "worthless". Calling for more censorship, he said that a good movie "should focus on .... respect for the elders and the government." Full essay.

Gay man seeks asylum in US

Christopher Yeoh claims that he faces persecution in Singapore on account of his sexual orientation. But is persecution the same as discrimination? Full essay.

17 October 2006

Festive light-ups - Deepavali

The ethnic quarter of Little India is dressed up in the month leading up to the Hindu festival of Diwali. But no one seems to care. Photo essay.

14 October 2006

What a clean and cultured place we have

... or so we think. Martin Goh wrote a letter to the Straits Times about 'behav[ing] like pigs'. Meanwhile, for the past few months, I had been taking pictures of our very own pigsty. Full essay.

13 October 2006

Gay sex is for straight men

A new survey from New York found that the majority of men who have sex with other men consider themselves straight, not gay. And that 10% of married men were having gay sex. Full essay.

Festive light-ups - Mid-autumn festival

Earlier this month, Chinatown was festooned with lights and decorations marking the traditional Mid-autumn festival. Photo Essay.

11 October 2006

Headlines matter

The Far Eastern Economic Review is banned. One more headline to add to the bad press we keep generating for ourselves. How does Singapore gain from this? Also includes a comment about Temasek Holdings' acquisition of Shin Corp. Full essay.

09 October 2006

Short Circuit - for the record

People Like Us organised a one-night film showcase featuring works by up and coming Singaporean gay and lesbian filmmakers, called 'Short Circuit', on 6 October 2006. Part 1 recounts how this event came about and why. Part 2 describes more about 5 of the 12 short films shown.

Short Circuit - a review

Guest writer Charles Tan gives us his review of 'PLU Short Circuit', the first ever showcase of queer short films in Singapore, held on 6 October 2006. Full essay.

08 October 2006

When hip hop is scary

Twelve members of parliament, in an attempt to shed the stuffy, authoritarian image of the People's Action Party and "connect" with younger voters, are going to do a little hip hop dancing next February during the Chingay Parade. It sends shudders down my spine. Full essay.

04 October 2006

The apology that wasn't

Lee Kuan Yew writes to Malaysian Prime Minister Badawi over his remarks that Malaysia and Indonesia want Singapore to be like their compliant Chinese minorities . Full essay.