25 October 2006

Cable TV fined over lesbian sex

Singapore's cable TV operator aired an episode of reality series 'Cheater'. Even though the scenes were pixelated and the show broadcast at midnight, the government, sans judicial process, fined them S$10,000. Full essay.


Happy in Singapore said...

Nice article. Totally Agreed. Apparently, this event and issue wasn't in my radar. Should read the local papers more often... Hahaha

Just to point out one mistake in "Supposing we had an eating contest, where people gouge themselves silly".

The word should be "gorge", not "gouge"

Jordan said...

I am not at all surprised that MDA impose the fine.
They would categorize it under "Porn", even tho the sex scenes have been pixelated.

Jordan said...

We have progress.


Yes, has nothing to do with this issue.

Wolfgang said...

This really shows how narrow minded and out of touch with the world the MDA (and the gahmen for that matter) is.

With the advancement of technology, it wouldn't be long before we'll be able to start buying and downloading TV shows and movies (This has started in USA). So where would MDA's sting be then?

The best part is, the people they are, so-called, trying to "protect" are downloading stuff that will never be shown in Sg be it gay/lesbian movies, porn or even "extreme shows" like sex and the city.

The common attitude in Sg (among the tech savvy ones) is "why bother watching something on our media (even if it is a show that Sg is showing) when I can download it and be certain that it is not censored". The same way these people get their "uncensored" news.

Jordan said...

Wolfgang made an excellent point.
There are 36,000,000 million SKYPE PHONE/COMPUTER USERS.
songs are being downloaded all the time, and movies as well.
How is the MDA going to control technology that is moving ahead so quickly that even the House of White will soon be left behind?
There is no control.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, on those Home Makeover type shows screened in the late mornings on weekdays (I'm a loser alright!), gay couples are featured. One gay couple was getting a room in their home redone for their newly adopted son. I cackle quietly and hope that no one in power ever notices.


Teck Soon said...

Referring to jordan's comment that there is little control in Singapore over the Internet -

Perhaps the recent raids on private citizens by the police supporting the Recording Industry Association of Singapore's efforts to clamp down on the downloading of copyrighted materials are the beginning of what may be a larger clampdown on internet freedom in Singapore. I hope not.

Anonymous said...

MDA's code of practice should ban themes and subplots on adultery which in fact is easier to "pick up" than homosexuality.

Jordan said...

Referring to 'Teck soon's comment';
Are we to assume that Singapore soon will follow China? That would be disastrous.
Yet in HongKong, we can buy Playboy, Playgirl, cosmo, n other items relating to sex?