19 October 2006

Gay man seeks asylum in US

Christopher Yeoh claims that he faces persecution in Singapore on account of his sexual orientation. But is persecution the same as discrimination? Full essay.


Jordan said...

To YB:
The Federal Appeals Court of SF has just allowed Christopher Yeoh a NEW TRIAL before an INS Judge.

http://gaycitynews.com/gcn_541/newasylumtrial.html- read link!!!

I am not an attorney, but once Yeoh is in the States,it is very unlikely that he will get deported back. And even if he is, the Judicial PROCESS in America takes YEARS!!!
Good for Christopher Yeoh!!!
America has a very strong Gay Rights Movement and Activists, and Yeoh having his case heard in San Francisco is brilliant!!!
My best wishes for Chris Yeoh of Singapore!!!
Brilliant move!!!

Jordan said...

Alex, Chris Yeoh has a case. 'Homosexualty is ILLEGAL in Singapore' Chris Yeoh is 'IN'. From the American point of view, Singapore does discriminate against gays.
This is fantastic news for the gay community in Singapore!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Christopher Yeoh will most likely face persecution, if he were to return to Singapore.
Kudos to Yeoh!!!!!!!!!!

teck soon said...

I was very surprised to hear that so many gay Singaporeans have sought asylum abroad. I am very curious as to the number of Singaporeans who have sought asylum abroad for other reasons too.

I doubt that other "first-world" countries generate so many asylum seekers. I always imagined asylum seekers as coming from horrible, repressive regimes. I guess I'll have to add Singapore to my list.

Jordan said...

This is good news for the gay community in Singapore!
Alex Au, who has led the gay movement in Singapore should get the recognition he deserves. Au is in a position to assist in the changing of any Singapore law pertaining to gay Singaporeans, ie:to remove the homophobic attitude that Singaporeans n the govt have, (persecution n discrimation)
Alex,as u are aware, The American Psychiatric Association has said that Homosexuality is NOT a mental disease.
http://www.psych.org/psych_pract/copptherapyaddendum83100.cfm - read link

We are as human as the next person!

ahboi said...

i wonder if Yeoh's seeking politcal asylum only AFTER he was caught overstaying has any weightage in this discussion? it seems to me he is merely playing the gay card, obviously and hopefully to his advantage.

Chris said...

Is it possible to falsly delcare yourself gay, go through a lengthy process in order to leave Singapore? I believe its very easy to lie during a psychological evaluation on your sexual orientations.

Its a loophole which some people can explore if they can't bear the thought of staying in SG any longer...haha

Anonymous said...


just this year, one of my blogger friends who is a NSF regular was hauled up, apparently someone put two and two together from his blog discriptions, identified him and his then BF.

he had to sign a contract (or something) or be charged.

a) never go to gay places
b) never blog anymore.

otherwise they will dismiss him and make him pay bondbreaking penalties and charge him .. (under section 377 presumably).

I think his bond period is over or soon to be over and he will leave the service.

Jordan said...

To 'Chris':
I think that would be a difficult, not impossible task for a man to pretend that he is gay.It is not worth pretending to be 'gay' when one is not. There are other ways to leave Singapore n live elsewhere- eg: America. Come in on a student visa, n when it expires, get a job, in America, and that will automatically change your visa status.
In Chris Yeoh's case, I sincerely think he is gay n is making a statement of his life in Singapore.
It must be tough for Yeoh, n everyone's situation is different.

Jordan said...

To '20 October, 2006 12:12'..that is interesting, and that is persecution of a Singapore gay. So where do gays 'legally' stand in Singapore?
Can they come out, or be in the closet? Can gays openly hold hands in Singapore, and hug?
In America, we have civil unions in certain states, just like regular folk.
I had left Singapore awhile ago, and did not disclose my sexuality, as it was none of anyone's business.

Chris said...

Hi Jordan,

lighten up, I was obviously joking. Notice the 'haha'