13 October 2006

Festive light-ups - Mid-autumn festival

Earlier this month, Chinatown was festooned with lights and decorations marking the traditional Mid-autumn festival. Photo Essay.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very nuch for your nice photos, albeit non-professional.
However I saw that the composition of these photos are even better than some STPB advertisements and they prompt me to want to visit Singapore.

Good job! Keep the faith!

KiWeTO said...


you observed that many had to re-take their pictures, and were snapping away with no regard for how to take a half-sensible picture.

Well, it occurs around the world too. (witness the hordes of tourists all over the world that take pictures with camera settings that would probably guarantee less-than-perfect results).

The thing it would reflect in the SG context is - We possess all the necessary modern gadgets to live life as a first-world city, yet, since we've never been trained or taught ourselves how to use these gadgets properly (and i'm not even talking professionally, just basic understanding of subject/object and camera settings.)

So we continue living as a gadget-rich, yet unsatisfied society, forever chasing the next 'high' in technology/hardware/infrastructure without understanding how to reap the benefits from the new toy.

Oh well, such tourists and avid picture-takers once helped built Kodak into a huge mega-corporation (think of all the wasted film). Now, its just digital, and less waste is created.

'tis a crazy (stupid?) world we live in.


Jordan said...

Nice photos of the usual festive occasions in Singapore. If you remove the photos and place them on a gay site, one would think it is Asian Mardi Gra in Singapore?
I am confident the day will come. Talking about digital cameras? We used to ooh n aah about the 2 mgp ones...now that's old news, as we move forward to the 10mgp ones. Like the progress of technology, the gay rights movement is slowly coming along.
Who ever thought the Republican Party which stands for family n moral values are embarrassed about their own gay members? Bunch of hypocrites!