29 April 2009

Identity mobilisation - a threat to society

We may be incredulous that Thio Su Mien and her sidekicks would engage in such blatant hyperbole about the threat of homosexuality, including the threat from those who call for a non-judgemental stance, but there is method in the madness. It's called identity mobilisation. Full essay.

Migrant worker problems must be tackled at roots

Another 200 workers from China demonstrated at the Manpower ministry on Monday. Our government's response is merely reactive and never addresses underlying problems; that's why they keep resurfacing. Singapore denies there's human trafficking here, but we're just toying with words. Full essay.

27 April 2009

Couldn't get past the pig

Worrying news from Mexico about a flu outbreak, at a time when the global economy is already so weak. Bureaucrats and reporters should try to be alert when they do their jobs. Full essay.

26 April 2009

Attempt at character assassination of Constance Singam?

I understand from good authority that there is an email going around imputing that Constance Singam, the former president of AWARE, has been less than transparent about skeletons in her closet, in that she had made AWARE "pro-gay" because her own brother is gay. This so-called brother was named as Clarence Singam, according to this website, as accessed on 26 April 2009 at 02:14h:

Constance is the sister of Clarence Singam, a preacher at Free Community Church, a pro-homosexuality congregation in Singapore.

That is erroneous. The fact is: the two are not related. I have suggested to Clarence and Constance to write to the webmaster to get the statement corrected. As for the senders of the emails, one has to wonder about their motives.

Bloggers' maturity demonstrated in Aware saga

Although the Aware controversy involved religion and sexual orientation, bloggers and their readers remained sober throughout, proving the government, which often accuses internet users of irresponsible speech, wrong. Netizens also shifted their opinions as facts emerged, disproving the imputation that internet users preferred lies and half-truths to facts. Full essay.

24 April 2009

Pirate mother ship appears on horizon, guns blazing

Thio Su Mien reveals herself as the mastermind behind the AWARE putsch, but initially wanted to hide behind her hachet-women. She also concedes that it was her anti-gay agenda that drove her to this frenzy. Full essay.

21 April 2009

Pirates ahoy! Gay netizens and the AWARE hijacking

Why are lesbian and gay netizens crying foul over the hijacking of AWARE? Was AWARE a pro-gay organisation? In their first TV interview, all the new guard could offer was more contradiction and evasion. Full essay.

DBS Bank's public hanging

Every day, companies have staff disciplinary issues. Yet, when DBS Bank had an issue with its vice-president in charge of the credit card division, it issued statements to the media. Why did DBS consider the case of Josie Lau and AWARE so serious? Full essay.

17 April 2009

Gay marriage: Sweden, Vermont and Iowa

In recent weeks, three jurisdictions started the process of legalising same-sex marriages. Sweden and Vermont did so through legislative action, while In Iowa, the the Supreme Court struck down the ban. Full essay.

Reinforcing containment

The Films Act has been tightened despite government claims to the contrary and the new Public Order Act gives police powers to stop even one-man protests. It's the government's response to the SDP's recent tactics and the rising use of video among increasing numbers of Singaporeans. Full essay.

15 April 2009

John Barrowman's The Making of Me

John Barrowman, an actor and dancer, tries to figure out why he's gay by talking to various researchers, in this BBC program The Making of Me.

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14 April 2009

Running and lifting - two tales from the gender twilight zone

In Kuala Lumpur recently, I witnessed policemen chasing cross-dressers. Transgenders have big problems in Malaysia. In Thailand, one of them manned a hotel front desk so competently, the guest had problems! Full essay.

13 April 2009

Abhisit declares emergency in Bangkok over Red Shirts

The political situation in Bangkok is deteriorating rapidly, as different forces act in their own interest. The crucial test to come may well be the army rank and file's loyalties. Full essay.

12 April 2009

From now on, be wary of AWARE

The group that recently seized control of AWARE, the women's group, is believed to have a religious, anti-gay agenda. Perennially laid-back liberals may now have a fight on our hands. Full essay.