26 April 2009

Attempt at character assassination of Constance Singam?

I understand from good authority that there is an email going around imputing that Constance Singam, the former president of AWARE, has been less than transparent about skeletons in her closet, in that she had made AWARE "pro-gay" because her own brother is gay. This so-called brother was named as Clarence Singam, according to this website, as accessed on 26 April 2009 at 02:14h:

Constance is the sister of Clarence Singam, a preacher at Free Community Church, a pro-homosexuality congregation in Singapore.

That is erroneous. The fact is: the two are not related. I have suggested to Clarence and Constance to write to the webmaster to get the statement corrected. As for the senders of the emails, one has to wonder about their motives.


Xtrocious said...

When people are desperate (drowning), they will clutch at straws...

So I am not surprised that some will make any link as long as it suits their purpose i.e. to discredit and demonise the old guard...

Anonymous said...

They've changed it.

BTW see Janadas Devan's
Sunday Times
piece on
Christian charity?

Am I the only one who feels
that in Singapore, the deepest
understanding of Christian
morality and scripture is not from

wei chun said...

even if constance has a gay brother which makes her understand gay people better, why is that bad? the old exco have tried to prove that they were above board in all their activities and acted according to the principles of inclusiveness and caring. sometimes when you are all alone and feel that life is not worth fighting for, knowing that someone cares is all you need.