29 November 2006

Stem cell research in Singapore

Stem cell research is doing well in Singapore, despite what Yawning Bread thought. Here is a guest essay that presents an insider's view that is much more positive about the work being done here by locals and foreigners alike. Guest essay.

26 November 2006

Hate speech law badly drafted

The government has proposed to broaden the scope of the law against wounding religious feelings. It intends to add "race" to it, but what about other hate targets? Full essay.

25 November 2006

What our non-crusading media avoids

After being scolded by Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng in 1999 for "crusading journalism", our mainstream media now watches itself carefully not to report certain kinds of news. No surprise then that gay news is hard to find. Full essay.

23 November 2006

Our disgraceful trinity: littering, inconsideration and bad service

We've been angsty about these for years, but nothing seems to change. Do we even try to find out the deep reasons why? Full essay.

22 November 2006

The niqab and the freedom of religion

When is the State justified in interfering with a religious practice? Is there any logical basis for the notion of "freedom of religion"? Full essay.

19 November 2006

All work, little pay

The government intends to raise the Goods and Services Tax, in order to address the problem of stagnating and falling incomes affecting many Singapore households. The problem comes out of globalisation, but our demographic problem exacerbates it. Full essay.

12 November 2006

Bad rep costs

It is argued that the Singapore government will not change its authoritarian policies unless it sees either economic gain or pain, and so far there hasn't been any. I would suggest that Singapore is already paying a price, except that we're not looking or counting. Full essay.

11 November 2006

But if you can't rape your wife, who can you rape?

The proposed amendments to Singapore's rape law are too limited, offering little real protection to women in abusive marriages. Full essay.

10 November 2006

Waylaid by rubbish

Only 55% of Singaporeans were "moderately able to analyse and discern information on the internet", said the report. What does this mean? Full essay.

08 November 2006

Pseudo repeal under cover of smoke?

The government proposes to amend various parts of the Penal Code including some sections pertaining to sexual offences. Any effect on homosexual sex? Full essay.

An echoless ravine

Raising interest in politics among young Singaporeans is an uphill task, especially when we either forget or distort our own history of student activism. Full essay.

07 November 2006

Quicksand conservatism

The Ted Haggard case once more shows how bankrupt the Christian anti-gay cause is, and not just in America. Full essay.

05 November 2006

A bit of Kenya in Singapore

We're beginning to see more Africans in Singapore these few years. I met three of them recently in, of all places, Jurong East -- not quite the backwater of Singapore, but a rather "heartland" kind of place. Full essay.