10 November 2006

Waylaid by rubbish

Only 55% of Singaporeans were "moderately able to analyse and discern information on the internet", said the report. What does this mean? Full essay.


Jordan said...

Ha!Ha!Ha!...MDA's propaganda again. This time, it is to tell us:
'that we Singaporeans are stupid..."

I am surprised at MDA's poll of '15-49'year age group has been discovered to be stupid.

It's reading the Singapore-govt-authoritarian- owned newspapers, that is where 'Stupid is, and Stupid stays'.
Look at how the law was drafted up to protect kids? One should use words like 'minor' 'child'? not 'two consenting hetrosexual adults'???
That is open to interpretation for a whole lot of grey areas.

Anonymous said...

How about a Media Development Authority study of Singaporeans between 15 and 49 years of age who read the Straits Times in their daily lives?

How many of them are "discerning users"?

KiWeTO said...

does the singaporean version of an illuminati exist, or is it just a stupid confluence of small-minded people who cannot discern their own minute existence in the greater unscheme of things?



Anonymous said...

Haha, i was equally bewildered when seeing this piece of news. How, in the first place, do you judge if people can discern information??

Anonymous said...

Journalism in S'pore is not about thinking critically over information, especially when those information are from "official sources". It is just easier and safer to regurgitate offical lines and go home with a fat paycheck in the pocket.

Charissa said...

Well, our media was ranked 147th in the press freedom index for a very good reason.

Anonymous said...

I suppose MDA is counting on there not being that many people moderately able to discern between news and propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Here is MDA's CEO- Dr Christopher Chia, former job was with the Singapore National Library.


Christopher Chia is the new CEO of MDA, starting June of 2006.
Now that we have established the paper trail, we can expect to hear more non-fiction nonsense.
Again the use of words like "discerning users" is vague, ambivilent,(cannot be proven??)... I am continuously amused at the idiot stuff that the propaganda machine throws out to Singaporeans.

age 15-49 year olds- "you lot cannot discern news. You all are stupid!"

"Yes sir, we are stupid n we cannot discern"...
(Giggle Giggle..)

Anonymous said...

Somehow, watching national TV and reading the national papers, reminds me of George Orwell's 1984.

November said...

as i read the post, i became increasingly aware of my own discerning of internet content lol that's one up for us lol

i am definitely more about to discern internet content than my university textbook. lol

man im thinking better not work for gahmen next time, they make you conduct surveys like that then abuse your results as such. zzz then again, i question the biasness and intention of the survey. bleh. yeah what is the ability to discern content? do they show you some "fake" info and see if u think it's true or not? i mean sure there has been studies like that done before but MDA sounds like they just jumping on the bandwagon

Eirin AI said...

unfortunately, this is what singaporeans are like nowadays. our youngsters are not able to differentiate information. they accept readily what is presented to them. i have frens who are like this. accepting information, cultures, religions readily from only reading one source.

MDA is releasing this to tell us that not only must we stop believing what is presented to us, we must also not talk nonsense on the net. something like a hidden message behind this report.

i have seen a video entitled "another way of seeing things", an award winning film, that tells us, we must always be rational, critical of information. evaluate what's presented carefully.