25 November 2006

What our non-crusading media avoids

After being scolded by Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng in 1999 for "crusading journalism", our mainstream media now watches itself carefully not to report certain kinds of news. No surprise then that gay news is hard to find. Full essay.


zj83 said...

Sgporean News N Media doesnt provide enough perspectives from different angle(esp from te opposition) in state affairs. If there are alternative 'voices' featured, its always in a less critical tone n will eventually favour the plp in power. In the end, we always see the good(or perhaps 'imaginary') side of these issues. There are simply not enough info from different perspective for sgporean to percieve n analyse. i tink its veri unhealthy for the society in some ways(Juz My point of view, feel free to correct me if i haf written something deem incorrect):

- makes us so used in listening to good stuffs n neglect the bad.

- Plp are likely to become less n less active in their participation of society as they tend to see more of the 'good' side of these issues.

- some catagories of social disadvantage plp may also be ignore or isolated from the majority. (i have interact with a few plp lately n i was so shock to hear their views abt the socially disadvantage members in our society. They belief that the govt will take care of them n they are poor becos they dun haf the right 'attitude' n effort to free themselves from the lower class.)

I cant imagine some sgporeans haf such irrational views on the less privilaged . There maybe more out there that shares similar thinking i belief. As all of us live in this country n our tinkings may 'unknowingly' be influence by these plp, media, in school, family ETC.

*Do you tink that this article could provide some link on the recent article abt littering probs in yawningbread.org*

*Apologize for my poor command of english*

the Stark in Winterfell said...

I believe that the title is something of a misnomer...the media does "crusade", as can be seen with the current stuff they have put in the papers after GST has been increased.
I believe the nation building that the press is doing is harmful as it makes singapore a nation of frogs stuck in a well...