28 July 2007

Ian McKellen supports Indignation

Actor Ian McKellen leaves a video message for the gay community of Singapore, in which he expresses support for Indignation. Full transcript.

My kissing project, part 2

A photo exhibition needs a licence from the MDA. After 5 weeks, I still haven't heard from them, and the exhibition is due to start next week. Full essay.

27 July 2007

Homosexuality and the moral imperative

There is an important distinction to be made between morality and moralism, and one side of the debate is the moral one. Full essay.

26 July 2007

A more complex history of 'Malay'

Which was the first Malay kingdom? There were multiple Malay or quasi-Malay states a thousand years ago, and earlier still, Malay peoples could have covered most of Indochina. Guest article by Dreamhunter.

25 July 2007

Entertainment news: Ian McKellen

We follow him around as he spends his free time in Singapore, but the details aren't just drivel. It's a case study of how bad press about Singapore is generated. Full essay.

24 July 2007

Racial Harmony day

Racial harmony is important, but do we know how to foster it? Aren't we reinforcing ethnic identity and separateness in so many other things that we do? Full essay.

22 July 2007

$2,500 to rent a 3-room flat?

Such a transaction was cited by the Straits Times in its report, 'HDB rents at 10-year high'. But does it look credible? Full essay.

21 July 2007

Hong Kong court finds public sodomy law discriminatory

The territory's highest court struck down the law because it only applied to homosexual men. Sounds like our Section 377A doesn't it? For that one, our government has promised they wouldn't "pro-actively" enforce it. But how would our legal system wrangle with such a promise? Full essay.

This month, the Christian rightwing finds 3 more villains

The gay issue rumbles on as more people speak out for repeal, stirring up the rightwing again and again. They may well win their pyrrhic victory. Full essay.

04 July 2007

Invisible histories of our city

Tan Pin Pin's latest film, Invisible City, takes a peek at people who struggle against the odds to document parts of our collective history. They are up against many different obstacles but what they do makes us wonder about what we think we know. Full essay.

01 July 2007

Unintended consequences

Singapore is obsessive about planning, but sometimes, the planning is faulty or things just don't go according to plan. For better or worse, it adds a bit of chaos to this city. Full essay.