21 July 2007

This month, the Christian rightwing finds 3 more villains

The gay issue rumbles on as more people speak out for repeal, stirring up the rightwing again and again. They may well win their pyrrhic victory. Full essay.


Thursday said...

Yawning Bread has spoken!

Robert L said...

It's astonishing that so many Singaporeans are misled into believing that since they are in the majority, their superior beliefs entitle them to make a minority group unable to live their private lives as bearable as they could. Since gay men are in the minority, the majority can decide to make their gay activities in the privacy of their bedroom into a criminal offence. No matter if this is contrary to the decision in China, Australia, America, Europe etc.

LKY's published stand is that he feels it is wrong to criminalize homosexual acts, but he feels that the majority of Singaporeans are not ready to accept this, so the poor minority of the population must have their activity deemed criminal and liable to incarceration.

Perhaps it would jolt LKY and his majority population into their senses if they look at a remarkable similarity in a comparison with the Islamic state being propounded by our neighbour across the causeway. Over there, the Malay form the majority and they are in a similar position to be able to outvote all the minority races in the population if they were to implement the Islamic state. I'm sure the majority there believe most fervently that their faith is the right one and they therefore have the moral, god-given authority to make the whole population follow Islamic laws.

Doesn't this comparison look startling?

Now, if the bigoted Christians in Singapore succeed in imposing their moral religious standards on a minority gay population, then Singapore has lost any moral grounds to object to another country imposing their majority population's Islamic laws on their non-Muslim minorities.

Isn't it time that LKY and his majority population grow up and learn that democracy is being misinterpreted in such a manner? I mean, the whole of Singapore can go for a vote to require that all the Indians must give $100 to the Chinese, and the vote will surely get through, but who would be dumb enough to imagine that that is democracy in any sense of the word?

Yujin said...

The logic that some of these homophobics exercise is troubling indeed.

The force of the Christian Right cannot be ignored, or be seen as a "minority" group. Witness America at this point in time, where they exercise a certain level of influence on the power holders (Bush and Co.). At least in the US, there is still some space for debate and people speaking up in defense of gay rights. I don't know if the same can be spoken of here in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I remember Tang Liang Hong back in the 90s saying that the cabinet is dominated by many Christians. I think for LKY to now quietly hint that they are powerless, or maybe simply lack the courage to do the right thing, says a lot.