25 July 2007

Entertainment news: Ian McKellen

We follow him around as he spends his free time in Singapore, but the details aren't just drivel. It's a case study of how bad press about Singapore is generated. Full essay.


Teck Soon said...

I saw him in Mox on Friday evening, not Thursday evening.

Robert L said...

What a sorry situation for Singapore. A visit by a celebrity should have served to promote Singapore's image in the eyes of the world. Instead, the result will be the opposite. Sir Ian has no reason to mention any of Singapore's good attributes which could attract foreign talents to come here. Instead, he's doing the sensible thing by warning how the laws here punishes the gay population, and how even a heterosexual will think twice about coming here if he even considers that some of his employees that he may ask to relocate here might be gay.

I can see a similarity with the debacle concerning the IMF/World Bank meeting held here last September. What should have been a perfect publicity showcase for Singapore turned out to be a worldwide expose on Singapore's uniquely repressive laws.

In the case of the latter event, the govt has it's own selfish reasons to supress the opposition parties and bear the brunt of world criticism.

In the case of the gay issue, however, the govt has no benefits whatsoever and whatever they are doing is simply a matter of profound ignorance mixed with cowardice in the face of pressure from extreme rightwing Christians.

recruit ong said...

Check out the large number of letters in ST Forum from pro-S377A people this few days, repeating their tired and stubborn logic. The Christian right wing is indeed organised, judging by the way they try to justify S377 using religious, moral, and fearmongering reasonings.

tiberius_mark said...

Dear Sirs, I am a not a gay person and I used to be really homophobic. Due to school and that sort of thing. But I am not 33 years old and recently I have changed my views to see that gay people are just as the same as non-gays, except for sexual orientation (obviously, but I you know what i mean). Anyway, a reason for my change in attitude, I guess, is reading this website and getting a better perspective on things. Education of non-gays is vital, I guess. I used to think that gayness is "bad" because it "spread", it would lead to the extinction of the human race. However, now as I grow older, what i feel is that if that were really the result, then so be it. What is important is not whether the human race goes on. What is important, I feel, is that life if short, everyone should be given the chance to be happy (whether as a gay person or otherwise) and everyone should be respected as human beings. Who cares about the "future of the human race"? How about the people who are humans and living in the here and now? Well, anyway, Mr Au, you have one hetero, married, male supporter for your cause here.