29 February 2008

Of airports and demonstrations

In airport surveys, Singapore comes out near the top. In press freedom, near the bottom. Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng says the question of allowing demonstrations at Hong Lim Park is being reviewed. Full essay.

From my mailbox 1

More on the (secret) survey on reasons for emigrating. Mediacorp TV censors gay speech (again). Why censorship matters. Full essay.

28 February 2008

Slam the odds

Jonathan Lim and Christian Lee wanted to chase their dream - to make a feature film in China - and found themselves facing obstacle after obstacle. Full essay.

25 February 2008

Daydreams of a way station

How is Singapore going to become one of the great capital cities of the world when we keep losing talent? Full essay.

21 February 2008

Media silence and the cultivators of hate

An inexplicable, senseless killing hogs the news for days. Another horrific killing is hardly mentioned. Why? Full essay.

18 February 2008

Safety on trial

Do Singaporeans care enough about public safety? Why have we not provided paths for bicycles, separate from pedestrians? Full essay.

14 February 2008

It's my gay uncle who takes me to school every day

Gays are out to destroy the "traditional family", the religious nuts claim. They can't be too happy then, with the science that is emerging. Full essay.

12 February 2008

Inflation has hurt poor more than rich

Everybody in Singapore has seen significant price increases, but poorer households see more of it, according to statistics. In promising to do something about price trends in the upcoming budget, the government should bear this in mind. Full essay.

09 February 2008

Berlin's Erotik Museum

Berlin lives up to its liberal reputation with a sex museum. Two floors of precious art pieces from around the world. Photo essay.

06 February 2008

Keeping schools safe from religion

A headmaster tried to make his canteen all-halal, violating a fundamental principle of a secular state. Full essay.

January potpourri

My Kissing photos, banned in Singapore, are on show in Melbourne. Plus more news bites. Full essay.

04 February 2008

Leaving Singapore for pinker shores

Jason was happy to be posted to Singapore, but after just one year, he quit. Here's one MBA and PhD holder in the biotech line that Singapore couldn't convince to stay. Why? Guest essay.

Are the planned bus and rail improvements enough?

The Transport Minister recently announced new plans and changes to the public transport system. While the direction is sound, don't expect things to improve greatly. Full essay.

02 February 2008

A reason to complain

The Complaints Choir was refused a licence to perform in whole. Is this another example of "ceremonial censorship", with all its implications for the rule of law? Full essay.

01 February 2008

Inside and outside the human zoo

How do you feel about gawking at hill tribes dressed in their "exotic" costumes? Do people who perform their roles always do so unwillingly? Full essay.