09 February 2008

Berlin's Erotik Museum

Berlin lives up to its liberal reputation with a sex museum. Two floors of precious art pieces from around the world. Photo essay.


Desmond said...

cool. it would seem that our "asian values" are actually very open and not conservative at all. so what conservative asian values have the gahmen been talking about?

Anonymous said...

>what conservative asian values have the gahmen been talking about?

deferment to authority - another way of describing it is "putting community before individual", because those in charge of the community tell the individuals what to do; to keep individuals quiet, it is necessary to deliver "bread and circus" as prescribed two millenia ago by Roman emperors, e.g., casinos generating both income and entertainment


Yujin said...

Thanks for the pics! They came out very nicely.

Vis-a-vis picture 16, you might be interested in Foucault's History of Sexuality (Vol.1 to 3) for a more thorough explanation.

jeffeux said...

hi, great photo essay. I hope you guys went to the gay museum (Schwulmuseum) in Berlin as well. It charts the (western) shacklement and emancipation of homosexuals, especially during WWII.

winknight said...

thanks for posting this...i visited the museum this past summer and am trying to figure out the name of an artist whose work i saw there--it was photographs of nature (fruits, vegetables, trees) that were framed to be very sexual. didn't see it in your essay but much enjoyed seeing the museum again and remembering my experience--thanks!