06 February 2008

January potpourri

My Kissing photos, banned in Singapore, are on show in Melbourne. Plus more news bites. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

If you mention the "we should be discussing same-sex marriages" thing you might just be vindicating that staunch, noisy religious section of the population that argued for retaining 377A even if they didn't mind gays doing their own private thing, because they were convinced it would lead to GLBT marriages and families.

Although personally I think if people in general don't hurry up and start thinking deeper about these issues, ignorance and discrimination will simply get more and more entrenched. Especially because this is an Asian society.

MG said...

Hi Alex,

I am the author of Musings, the blog referred to in your post.

I am very sorry to inform you that what I had written in my post was not correct. I failed to realise that the First Schedule to the Registration of Criminals Act had been amended to include new offences but that the original schedule still remains in force, and the original schedule did include 377A.

Sorry for the careless oversight on my part. Perhaps you could remove that section of your post or insert an erratum, so that this misinformation doesn't spread.

Once again, my sincere apologies.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Anonymous 6 Feb, 19:49 -

I sense that you agree that full equality is meaningless without marital and child-raising equality.

Your question is perhaps one of tactics. I'm a bit stubborn in that regard; I will not conceal my goals. I lay it on the table so that nobody can accuse me of being parsimonious with the truth.

In any case, in my opinion, it helps my cause to be upfront about it. People should start getting used to the idea now, not later. Singapore is already so far behind the times.

Charles said...

On the note about AL Gore supporting gay marriage, he supported the Defense of Marriage Act when he was Vice President, meaning he was against same sex marriage. What has caused the U-turn?

Almost all the top Democratic candidates aka Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has not supported gay unions let alone gay marriage. The only progressive Democratic candidate to openly support gay marriage was Dennis Kucinich but he is already out of the race...