09 October 2006

Short Circuit - for the record

People Like Us organised a one-night film showcase featuring works by up and coming Singaporean gay and lesbian filmmakers, called 'Short Circuit', on 6 October 2006. Part 1 recounts how this event came about and why. Part 2 describes more about 5 of the 12 short films shown.


Anonymous said...

A few short points from a heterosexual who was at the event that night.

1) I did not get message in croc journals at first, seriously! I DID realize the obvious theme of being discriminated and having to lead a double life. But honestly, drawing the link to homosexuals was something that wasn't instant to me. This just shows how our positionalities can obscure our understanding.

2) I noticed that in the instances when sex is shown openly (Bedroom Dancing, or when Rick Tan eats grapes with his gf in bed, even Family Portrait), it is often heterosexual. On the other hand, homosexual sex is shown either to be in a negative light, to be guilt-ridden, or to be purposfully removed. Maybe this has to do with censorship issues (or self-censorship), but I am curious why homosexuals seem to hesitate to want to show glorious sex between 2 people who love one another. Can homosexual sex ever be portrayed in a positive light? Do homosexuals themselves feel otherwise?

3) Last point. I kinda thought that the repressed lady in Bedroom Dancing was a lesbian!

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Regarding your point 2, I think the sample is too small to draw generalised conclusions.