12 January 2007

Temasek Holdings stews in familiar juice

Temasek Holdings appears to be caught in difficulties arising from Thailand having a law that wasn't enforced for convenience until politics changed the game, but the Singapore government has no right to complain as it is just as keen on such fudges. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

the thai government's new shareholding rules were introduced for real natonalistic economic reasons; for now we cannot blame them on need to divert attention

however, it is probably a matter of time before your forecast becomes true, though the more urgent problem of muslim south is likely to crop up first

KiWeTO said...

Hi YB,

good way of drawing association to the lack of protection or lack of clarity inherent in many quickly drafted, poorly debated SG laws.

Unfortunately, our people are not educated, nor encouraged to think deeply into any issue. We are nudged towards surface-level thinking about the issue, and not to delve deeper into the whys of any issue - root causes, and thought-through solutions are not necessary - quick fixes are all that is needed.

Will it improve? will Singaporeans as a society start to really think through any new piece of law that is proposed? Given the way the penal code has been 'disseminated' (I hesitate to call it consultation, since it is presented "fait accomplit" style rather than any real discussion. Many other blogs have already commented on the shallowness of the consultation exercises, which have been more like dissemination exercises), will the government also change its approach to the drafting of new laws, or will it continue to believe that it already has the best brains in the 84 seats to debate the new law to death?

C'est la vie. SG may never rise above its legalistic tendencies, or it just might one day. We can but hope.nzo

Anonymous said...

Not just the gay community that the PAP government acts with inconsistency. What about the media, especially foreign ones.