20 January 2007

Saint Jack slays two myths

This 1978 film is valuable to us, adding to Singapore's cultural capital. The saga of this film is also instructive. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

>demonstrate that the oppressor is after all, amenable to change. The second is that 'foreign talent'

sorry I dont see how these issues are reflected in your st jack discussion

the "system" does adapt, in fact it now controls more than before, and does so more skilfully; the many areas that used to be ignored are today not so

Zhong said...

Rolling back policies? Only when it benefits the Government.

For the regime, allowing this film to be distributed is killing two birds with one stone.

On one hand, it helps present a softer and more tolerant image of the ruling party; on the other hand, bringing back images and memories of Singapore's tumultous past actually glorifies the PAP's post-independence achievements, much part of "National Education".