01 December 2006

Cinema: Indigenes and others

I'm among the tiny minority who go for art films. I saw two good ones, from Germany and France, just this week. One was about a rapist trying to adjust back to society and the other, about a little-known fact from the Second World War. Full essay.


recruit ong said...

In SG we are forced to do NS and reservist, to protect the elites and their FTs in the name of SG, yet the ruling class doesn't care and give a damn about Sporean male and open the floodgates to more foreigners. Which is worse? At least the Algerians had a choice.

Teck Soon said...

"Indigènes won the Prix d'interprétation masculine at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival. It also won the Best Actor Award..."

It is pleasing to see that in France, discussion about disturbing aspects of their history is welcome, and even rewarded with such prestigious acclaim.

Surely discussion or filmmaking about any disturbing aspects of post-independence Singapore history would not be allowed here. I look forward to the day when Singaporeans will be able to make films examining ourselves in such a critical way, like the French are doing. Perhaps there are untold stories of atrocities committed right here in Singapore upon political opponents, that we have never heard, never seen, and never remembered. Maybe the reason that this film was so good (while local Singaporean films are generally bad) was that such depth in filmmaking cannot occur here, in this political climate.

Anonymous said...

IDFilms are good to watch, as they often deal with characters, and life. The struggles of mankind and challenges. IDfilms provide the movie goer an opportunity to view thought-provoking issues, and the film maker a chance to show off his talent at the various film festivals. The freedom of speech n expression comes in various forms, one way is watching the IDFilms. Most of the IDFilms are simple themes of everyday living, but the talent behind these movies are incredibly creative in the art world. Just visit Park City, Utah, during the Sundance Film Festival,IDFilms have come into their own, from movies made all over the world.
Neverthelesss, I would still enjoy an evening of watching MOTEL HELL and movies in the same genre.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's clampdown on freedom of speech n expression has done more damage for Singaporeans than they really know the extent. How can one be creative in the cinematic industry in Singapore? I am huge fan of ANG LEE, the famous Asian director n screenplay writer, who was born in Taiwan of PRC Chinese parents, n subsequently moved to New York in 1978. I have watched all of Ang Li's movies. All superb!
He surprised his own parents when he wanted to study acting.
And as they say...the rest is history. That is the general course for talented people. They leave Singapore. But this is what talented people who strongly believe in their talents do. They create their own ID moves.
Ang Li would not have had that chance in Taiwan, n be where he is today without his own belief of himself n leaving Taiwan. The same applies to creative n talented Singaporeans. And that is where Singapore is losing out. With all of its rules n regulations, the talented Singaporeans are stifled n suppressed. it's not rocket science. The good news is the talented Singaporeans who can make IDFilms, I believe will find a way. Countries can be so destructive with its own people.