14 December 2006

Rio teenagers most gay-accepting

BBC's recent poll of teenagers from 10 cities found that the next generation from third-world cities is not necessarily homophobic, reports Charles Tan. Guest essay.


yamies said...

i think that we should give our society a bit more time to mould its opinion before we judge it. i have positive feelings about how singaporeans will react as they are exposed to homosexual issues.

Anonymous said...

Gays should have equal rights as hetros. Gays should be allowed to get married, to adopt, to receive all the full benefits of any other persons.
I don't know how many times we have to keep saying n writing it, our sexual orientation has nothing to do with our rights with that of hetrosexuals.
Maybe it is slow in Singapore to accord gays rights, but the world is slowly n surely coming around to gay rights.
All of our rights to entitlement are being brainwashed from the neo-cons with their bible-bashing nonsense.
Has anyone ever returned from the dead, and said:
"Man...u should check out heaven, dude...it's really cool?'
society says...'...'
C'mom, we live, we work, and what we do is our business, ditto for hetros. Why not the laws for gays?