03 December 2006

Attitudes towards HIV risks and education

Results of the online survey into how the more politically-aware Singaporean internet surfers see HIV risks and possible counter-measures. Do gays and straights hold different opinions? Do males and females see things differently? Full essay.


Anonymous said...

I think so. Gays are obviously more aware of HIV. That is where EDUCATION ON AIDS n guidance to safe sex should be taught, is vital. We know that AIDS does not discriminate. Hetros who are sexually active, should get tested for HIV as well. In fact, HIV testing is a moral, social and legal obligation on all people who are sexually active. Whether it should be made compulsory is another issue, as many can argue that it is not neccesary, a violation of one's rights? Whatever the case maybe, the message of AIDS EDUCATION should get out to all schools, institutions of learning, n information leaflets should be readily available to the general public.
Here is a SCENERIO to remember.

Man sleeps with woman. Next morning, he reads a message written in lipstick on his mirror:

"Welcome to the World of AIDs!"

This situation actually took place in England, in the 80es.
CNN is presently running a documentary on "Where have all the Parents gone?" on Africa, where AIDS is wiping out many Africans n leaving behind orphans, which may also carry the HIV virus in them. President Bill Clinton is an ardent supporter of AIDs education. I think, that alone, speaks volumes.

Teck Soon said...

I am interested in the responses to your question "Avoiding sex with Caucasian tourists". It seems that from this question and the follow-up question, there is some sort of stigma/stereotype attached to either Caucasians, tourists, or both.

I wish you had another follow-up question that read, "Avoiding sex with Japanese tourists", for example. It looks like you have concluded that there is some sort of stereotype towards Caucasians, but this may not be the case. Perhaps it is just a general aversion to having sex with tourists in general.

Anonymous said...

Sex with 'tourists' is probably more dangerous, white or any other color.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the survey, it was an interesting read. However, I think your interpretation of some of the questions could be more balanced.

First, I had originally read and answered the question on Caucasian tourists without the implicit "instead of a local" that you seem to have intended. This meant simply excluding a (reasonably large?) group from consideration and hence lowering risk. Also possible the above suggested perception of "tourists" as a higher risk group.

Second, for the "Being hetrosexual/Being homosexual" questions, you seemed to have avoided the usual sharp distinction you apply between orientation and sexual activity. This means your respondents could have read the question either way.

Third and most importantly, I had responded positively on you question about moral education because, done correctly, it certainly offers potential, albeit as a (very) partial solution. Responsibility to your partner and yourself, for example, is an important and useful theme (also because it can be derived from a logical application of rational self-interest). If you had asked if the currect manner in which moral education is conducted is useful, I would certainly have said 'no'.