20 March 2007

Life in construction

Uncaring supervisors at construction sites put workers in danger. But sometimes, supervisors get laid off too. Full essay.

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KiWeTO said...

where we're doing our best to out-prude the victorian english in law and morality, we're also doing our best to out-individualize(1) the Americans in building our society.

Why do copy-cats end up trying to out-do their models blindly without considering the actual effects? Are such a low self-esteemed society that all we can think of is outperforming in the metrics used, without considering its implications?

(1) - meritocracy as it is used in SG, is the elevation of the individual to a loftier strata in society. As charged, it almost always leads to a sense of elitism and entitlement - that then leads to dehumanization of those below the said individual, thus leading to a unkinder, more frictioned society that is so rough.

[yes, we really cannot comprehend another person's reality, much less live in it. The only thing we can do is empathize, and not make their life more difficult by being obtuse, stubborn, and rude in situations where we may be in the wrong.]