27 October 2007

Stockholm and Gothenburg

Oh no, not holiday pictures! Well, not, since I wasn't holidaying there. But just a few photos with tales behind them. Photo essay.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us a few glimpses and insights on places we might never have a chance to visit

Anonymous said...

Wokhouse - it was very funny indeed. What is Chicken Evil? You mean that there is Chicken Good? I know that there is Chicken Little, the cartoon character.

Thanks for that picture.

I guess that with migration of people, cultures will get inter-mixed in some corners of our society.

Maybe, soon we will have Chicken Earth, Chicken Heaven and Chicken Hell.

(Nice caption for picture 9, so typical)

onekell said...

It's interesting to see your trip in photos. What creative names they have for Asian food...

I can't agree with you about the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station and mixed gender guards:

The former is a nostalgic example of authentic, old world architecture and a good supper spot. Look what happened to its surroundings.

As for mixed gender guards, they could address the height range issue, but I doubt aesthetics was the priority in their choice of guards. ;)

Abao said...

Nice pictures you got there. I think Panasonic Lumix'es make good travel camera as it takes relatively good pictures for a CCD camera.