20 May 2007

Mediacorp's survey on decriminalisation

62 percent of Singaporean "heartlanders" want to keep homosexuality illegal. Of those under 30, "four in ten" feel the same way. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

mediacorp survey might have weak methodology, but guessing "Heartlanders dont actually care but feel obliged to look conservative" looks even weaker

in any case, you dont overcome indifference by scolding people for being indifferent; you have to present a case for them to be not indifferent


Teck Soon said...

The 62% here struck me as being similar to the 66.6% PAP re-election rate.

Anonymous said...

Mr Lui Tuck yew, Minister for Minister of State for Education
added that he does not subscribe to the theory that homosexuality
is a "medical condition".-CNA

"Do you excuse paedophiles or psychopaths because of a medical condition?" RAdm Lui asked.

What has being gay have to do with sex offenders and serial killers?
Judicial systems in developed countries send sex offenders and serial killers to prison.
Gays are not thrown in prisons.
Is the Minister alluding that gays are in the same group as those killers?
mediacorp surveys are what the government throws out to the uneducated people.
Is this an attempt to 'crimilize' homosexuality?
if it is, it makes for a very weak and uneducated argument.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Re Lui Tuck Yew, see the statement from People Like Us

ex-christian-but-now-can-see said...

Personally I think the attitude of the English-educated towards homosexuality has to do with a strong Christian influence.
It has and will always stump me as to how "blind" Christians are unless most of them do not read the bible. Just look at the read real "truth" on a "holy" book that is still being used in court for swearing to tell the "truth and nothing but the truth".

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex.

I just realised that my SiGNeL post on Bai Xianyong was reproduced for this article.

I'm flattered - thanks! It's an honour to be included in the famous "Yawning Bread" site!


Anonymous said...

Oh the irony! Before the revised HDB policies on flat ownership by "unmarried singles", most gay men and women could only purchase 3-room flats in mature estates. Well, guess what the demographics of the residents of these mature estates are? I would go out on a limb and say that these surveyed individuals would have been living with gay neighbours all this while and not know it (or choose not to). For the majority of the surveyed "heartlanders" maintain their stance against homosexuality is well, at least personally, pure irony.

These heartlanders should have thought about the sweet and polite "cousins" down the corridor who ask for their help to water the plants everytime they go on overseas trips, or the pretty pair of "sisters" who never fail to share their freshly baked muffins, or the pair of sporty "friends" who greet them with a hearty "uncle" or "aunty" everytime they meet at the lift landing.