02 September 2007

Towards a human rights mechanism

There have been sketchy reports about Asean setting up a human rights commission. Will Singaporeans benefit from it? How can we ensure that? Full essay.


Anonymous said...

Although i suspect that it is aimed at the Burmese who have the most indecent and explicit violations of human rights, this ASEAN human rights Commission is a big joke.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

It seems your comments section to your latest blog on LKY has been hijacked to a phone advertisment.

Was it intentional?

Alan wong

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Alan Wong -

Erm... I can't see any phone advertisment. When I tested it, I could get into a comment section and post a comment myself.

Wolfgang said...

Somehow, I feel that you are over optimistic about this. I don't know, looking back, it would seem that any rights is considered secondary to this gahmen of ours.

But then again, I might be too pessimistic.