13 June 2008

Rainbow rising in the Western sky

The British government has instructed all its diplomatic missions to monitor and support gay equality abroad. How the Straits Times deals with news stories about gay pride parades. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

>two-thirds of the Norwegian Parliament must be crazed zealots

not necessarily, just elected representative willing to accommodate "crazed zealots"; I guess some people here would call them "wimps", far cry from zealots

in contrast, Singapore parliamentarians, and attorney general, see themselves as "strong and able to resist fanatics..."


Anonymous said...

Does anyone who has a mind of his own believe that the following statement is not true :-

Our "Singapore" government is also homophobic, most notably for its witch-hunt of gay teachers.

The irony of it all is that a lot of our current leaders, ministers, religious leaders, civil servants, scholars, etc. have gone through an education system taught by generations of teachers, gay or otherwise.

If they do have any valid reasons for being homophobic, then they should stop engaging the services of any gay teachers in our education system. Otherwise can they please accord the same respect for gay teachers as they would for non-gay teachers.

snugpug said...

For every couple of steps forward, there's one step back. It happens everywhere. Even the UK.