08 November 2008

Man killed for exposing himself

Suhaimi Sulong propositioned 2 young men in Orchard Towers for oral sex and exposed himself to a third. These 3, with 3 more friends, attacked him, beating him to death. Originally charged with manslaughter, the charges were later reduced. Was the prosecutor showing undue leniency? Full essay.


Saint Splattergut said...

Those two incidents are very disturbing... In my opinion, I don't think the reform centres would help at all. They might be rewarded for following rules and doing community work, but really, what they need is counselling... community work may help them understand more about people, but just how much exposure to gay people or even social minorities would there be in that?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when (or if) you were going to write a blog entry regarding this case.

These were the questions that I had on reading about it:

1. If the act of propostioning another by exposing oneself is considered by the courts to be a serious provocation, is retaliation with physical force that is sufficient to cause death proportionate to that offense?

2. Suhaimi Sulong had exposesd himself to only three of the six men who murdered him. Where is the provocation to the remaining three men so much so that the judge let them off lightly for committing murder unprovoked?

I am crying foul on the sentences passed. This is institutional homophobia at its classic best.

Anonymous said...

homosexuality is a vile and immoral practice....it's not surprising that the accused lost control

Anonymous said...

Time and time again, we have always been reminded that Singapore is a safe place and the laws are enforced strictly with death sentences for capital offences such as drugs and murders. Yet, one never fails to notice that if you kill someone AS A GROUP, you will very highly unlikely be hanged even if, just before the act of killing, there was premeditated and common intention to cause death. Why are perpetrators in a gang fight that resulted in death not hanged? And 4 years for a life lost? Cheap.

Either the prosecution is ineffective or sentencing is way too lenient. Look at all the sentencings done by our courts. Rarely has it crossed half of what is prescribed in the Penal Code. Our defending lawyers must be the world's best "mitigators"! What kind of message are we sending to criminals or criminal wannabes?

Bring back the days of the Pulau Senang incident where many were hanged for the death of one or two.

Missus Purnsey said...

If you were the parents of the son beaten brutally to death and killed, you would probably be so angry you would wish the murderers be hanged or suffer equally.

The lack of punishment & reasonable rehabilitation for violent crimes and gang violence causing death is shocking. I would be warning people I know about the lack of safety in pubs in the future.