21 January 2009

Obama White House uploads its gay agenda

Anti-gay rightwingers like to use "gay agenda" as a sneer to suggest some kind of hidden, illicit conspiracy, but the new US President has one too. What's in it? Full essay.

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abhtg said...

Your article does not explain why the Obama "gay agenda" has suddenly taken a back seat, and there are several theories.

Clinton (DADT) and Bush (immigration reforms) before him were arguably too hasty on their secondary hot-button issues. DADT was a compromise Clinton policy after he moved too fast to overturn a ban on gay military personnel, and arguably it precipitated the defeat of his cornerstone healthcare reforms.

You do hint that Obama might be less left-leaning than people imagine. But that is a moot point. Unlike certain countries, policy formulations are not dictated by one person or three. Obama has, erm, liberally stocked his cabinet with liberals, scientists (*two* physicists!) and (relative) free spirits. But Obama is likely to have control over the sequence of reforms, and he will want to be more careful about diving into civil rights issues early in his presidency.