05 March 2009

One thousand

I am a liberal. What does that mean? What has that got to do with Yawning Bread and its readers? Full essay.


Glass Castle said...

A nice retrospective here Alex. Yawning Bread is to my mind the best Singapore-focused political blog. You've done a great deal of wonderful work over the last few years and I for one am grateful.

On liberalism: many Singaporean political blogs have always struck me as falling either into a familiar technocratic model or a kind of blinkered market-fundamentalist libertarianism, both of which I think are actually direct ideological descendants of the PAP.

Glass Castle's remit being what it is, I would struggle to describe it as a liberal blog - it's a feminist one, and there are feminist criticisms to be made of mainstream liberal thought. My own views are definitely sitting on the liberal left of the political spectrum, though (I can't speak for my co-editors); and at the same time I don't think liberalism can be truly fair or just without incorporating feminism. I don't think you can separate feminism or any kind of anti-kyriarchal analysis from liberalism without liberalism becoming an ideology which throws some people under the bus. I think of progressives, the left, (or the left I aspire to be a part of anyway, even if the reality doesn't always match up) as the team that believes no one needs to be thrown under the bus.

- Jolene (www.glass-castle.org)

Anonymous said...

Wow, 12 years? That's awesome. Heart congratulations Alex. Have been reading you for almost 4 years now, but very rarely found an article on which our opinions differed.

Love the research that you do to back up your statements. Looking forward to another 12 years of YB. Keep writing. Keep enlightening. Cheers.

KiWeTO said...

Dear YB,

kudos for twelve years of speaking up. ;-)


Ming said...

I've read every entry on your blog since I found it three years ago. Your articles are consistently stimulating and well-reasoned. Keep at the excellent work!

Anonymous said...

Hi YB.

Through these 12 years, you have shown that neither the state, society and the forces of nature have been able to frigthened you into speaking your mind freely on what you think is correct in the new media (which is unfortunately on associated with those born after 1990 instead of those in the 1950s).

Congrats YB and keep it up

Kai Khiun

ashke said...

Congratulations on this milestone. I've been reading your site for the past 6 years or so (I'm 23 these days). I think the best thing about having kept up with your essays is that you provide so much insight into the Singapore situation with breadth of perception (backed with a large does of research) that I probably wouldn't have found elsewhere. I too am very grateful that Yawning Bread exists.

I hope one day that Singapore will become a better place for everyone. Thank you Alex for the past 999 posts too.

Straight_as_an_arrow said...

Congrats on hitting a landmark!

I am no gay but your alternative views on current affairs/local politics are decent reads.

Keep up your good work!

Anonymous said...

And it has twelve years, three months for which you have been accompanying my journey in Singapore.

Obnoxiously yours,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your great achievement. I visit your blog almost on a daily basis; sometime a few times a day looking for new postings, or to revisit some of your earlier postings and comments. Your articles are refreshing and well-reasoned. I admire your resourcefulness and appreciate your selfless sharing. I wish some of our mil$ leaders could be as kind as you to the common people. Unfortunately they seem to be more concerned about helping the BIG bosses, which they use as their benchmark, to earn ever more! I agree with you that there is hardly any trickling down. In fact the gaps has gotten ever wider. I hope they would read your blog and provide some feedback directly here so that we all can better understand their side of the story. I guess I am dreaming since I don't think they could care less at the same time.

I Wish You All The Very Best!

Chris said...

I am in awe of your analyses and your writing. Thanks for keeping up a relatively thankless task.

Anonymous said...

Happy 12th anniversary. It's as much a celebration for me as it must be for you.

Raymond said...

Happy 1000 Alex; your's has been a necessary and cogent voice for things that would have otherwise been left unchallenged and unsaid. Looking forward to your next 1000 and beyond!

abhtg said...

Congrats on your 1000th, YB.

Jon Stewart from the Daily Show once said that the broad history of politics is a continuous and relentless progression towards greater social freedoms rather than less.

Mr Stewart was arguing with the right wing TV host Bill O'Reilly about whether America was a right or a left wing country. Mr O'Reilly said most Americans identified themselves as "centre-right". But in thought and action America has always moved leftward.

The same applies to this sometimes silly country. (The Daily Show covered Singapore once, during the opening of the local Sars channel.) There is no political axis, only a political stream. No matter how you fight it, it only goes one way.

Meilan said...

Hi Alex. I feel compelled to leave you a note of thanks this time, after having been a silent reader all this while. I am trained in Sociology but not much of a practitioner to speak of. Reading your posts have rekindled my interest and sharpened my perspective about socio-political issues. I like the fact that your articles are always well-substantiated and rational. I just wished more Singaporeans who truly care about our nation can bother to spend some time to think about issues that you so neatly sum up.

Your blog really matters to people like me who would otherwise just feel resigned and silenced.

Anonymous said...

A thousand postings of your calibre is no mean feat.

I am a late follower of your blog, and only started after the 2006 elections when you wrote about the crowds at the Workers Party rally.

Keep enlightening us.

Lost Citizen

The said...

A thousand thanks...

Alan Wong said...

It's very sad that our government including some outspoken leaders and MPs continue to view treat us as the unfavourite sons/daughters in our very own country.

But it's heartening to know that we have someone like you who is both brave and outspoken enough to speak for us, an often misunderstood minority.

Keep it up, Alex.

Anonymous said...

I must confess I'm one of those who comes to your site almost everyday to read your articles but have never posted a comment.

Keep it up, Alex. We may say much but we're paying attention.

Anonymous said...

It's we who should thank you, Mr Alex. I confess I belong to the silent majority. I read all your articles but have never posted any comments.

Please keep writing. Although I hardly ever say anything here, I often discussed your articles with my family members. We hold you in high esteem.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 1k post. Yawning bread has always been my first stop shop for any political insights in Singapore. Your writings, in fact, has shaped my thinking processes, filtering the good from the crap. Whenever I'm faced with news from our media, automatically my mind searches for facts and figures and if its really a whole bunch of nothing.

The quality of your work is admirable, backed with facts and sound reasoning. And of course your courage for speaking out.

JohnM said...

Here's to the next 1000 blogs Alex. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making the 1000Alex. Let's see 1,000 more.

Geoff Pereira

Anonymous said...

You are not crazy, deluded or alone.
The world seems upside down at times,
When you are not the majority.

~ homo-loving daughter of guns