27 May 2006

Gay equality: from First world to Third

This month, Massachusetts marked the 2nd anniversary of gay marriage. Last month there was a debate about gay marriage at Renmin University in Beijing. Meanwhile in Singapore, our gay news is about a tabloid devoting 4 pages to calling on the government to shut down gay places. Full essay.


Stanley said...

I have seened a local talk show of a cable TV in China. They invited a bisexual guy in his 20s to discuss his dilemma of having a wife and kids and at the same time having an affair with a gay lover. He professed being a gay by nature. Though he did not love his wife but he had a obligation to his family and would like to maintain status quo if possible. Surprisingly, the audience in the studio are very open-minded, majority of them actually criticised this guy being unfaithful to both his wife and lover. They thought this guy should divorce his wife and stay together with his lover or stick to his family and forgot about his lover. The best part is, the guy talked freely facing the camera and audience throughout the whole show. I can't imagine Mediacorp having similar show here. That show had really changed my perception of mainland Chinese.

Anonymous said...

I think we only need to ask ourselves just one question - what about all those aids caught in hetero sex dens? As usual, the media does what it likes and ignores the reality.

Robert L

recruit ong said...

Mr Sleepy Loti,

Actually i feel dat your agenda for championing gay rights will not amount to much lor, unless basic tenets of democracy and freedom takes root first in Sg.

A democratic system need to be in place first, e.g. media freedom, independent judiciary. Meanwhile i salute your efforts lah. ;)

Anonymous said...

Doubtless all the bad feeling comes from the acceptance that it was the gay community in San Fran that was the centre of the spread of AIDS in the US last time.

While I do not think all the gays at that time engaged in multiple unprotected sex with dozens/hundreds of partners, it is generally accepted, IMHO, that this practice by a number of individuals did much to spread the affliction not only into the community but also outside it.

Before the San Fran situation, it could be argued that it was the chaotic situation in Africa, caused by constant inter-tribal warfare, mass enviromental degradation and modern transport that caused AIDS to spread throughout Africa.

Some even say that it was the testing of a vaccine by americans in the US that caused the start of AIDs(?Edward Hopper?), but IMHO, there is no evidence to support this. In any case, dozens of horrible diseases emerge in Africa without the white man's help and AIDS should not be different.

The film Brokeback Mountain, while being touchingly made, also reinforces straight stereotypes about gays, since it appears not to condemn the destruction wrought on the the two sheepherders' families by their choice of infidelity, but rather attempts to blame societal prejudice for it.

In that case, they DID have a choice.


Anonymous said...

I just landed from Mars. Are there really such places where gay men go to for sexual gratifications? Please correct me if I am wrong, the picture we get from the media is one where sex seems to be the only thing gay men are interested in most of the time when they are together. May be you can give the gay take on romance, love, endearing relationship. Tell us how beautiful gay relationships are instead of telling the world who comes to your blog the homophobic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Where do single heterosexual man go for their sexual needs? Many places indeed be it prostitution or ons and its perfectly alright and normal. The saying goes, 'Man thinks with their dick'.

Gay man is a man. It is easier since we dont face the challenges of heterosexual man in getting non obligation sexual pleasure. That explains why there are more prostition venues around. The demands are keeping the business going. Yes, its easier for gay man. We just need to be each other type and boy girl's ons challenges mostly faced by the boy.

Sex is a pleasurable natual acts and since there are like minded attractive man who is willing. What deprive yourself the opportunity? Would you if girls are willing?

Ofcourse we are talking about safe sex.

So yes it true gay man seems to be thinking of sex all the time. It's preciously because they are man at heart and think with mind oh I mean with their sex organ. :-)

Ofcourse we hope they practise safe sex. Now what is the problem?