24 May 2006

Why we should be proud of Singapore 2

This is a news item from Brunei's newspaper, the Borneo Bulletin, 10 May 2006. It tells the public that the phone numbers of the Housing Department, 238 2143 and 238 2146, aren't working well "due to a faulty PABX system".

The department can only receive a limited number of calls through the system. The problem surfaced in November 2005, i.e. seven months ago. However, it assured the public that action is being taken to replace the PABX. In the meantime, the public is asked to make a physical visit to the department instead of calling.

Now, Brunei is not as small as Singapore. If you're living in the town of Kuala Belait, it's a 2-hour drive to the Housing Department. All because they don't have working phones. Brunei is an oil-rich sultanate.

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