03 June 2006

IPS post-election forum, part 1

In the morning half of the forum, Gillian Koh revealed results from a post-polling day attitudinal survey. Janadas Devan, Viswa Sadasivan and Ken Kwek discussed 'The future of the political system in Singapore'. Full Essay.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Ken Kwek should express disappointment about the PAP not wanting to reform itself? To do so would release its strangle hold on power, and it will not want to do that. Its in the nature of political parties to hold on to power. Just like Saddam Hussien's Bath(?) Party, minus some family killings..

The point is, the national good of the country is not served by political agency when the political system is biased towards entrenching the dominant party. That political system itself needs reform and the people of the country need to "own" that through the constitution by protecting it's citizens' rights in the face of a political agency that might become illegitimate for behaving unconstitutionally. However, because our constitution is ambigious, and our courts are not constitutionally reprehensibly, however a governemnt behaves, they can never be found to be uncnstitutional.

Button said...
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Yawning Bread Sampler said...

The above comment by Button was not deleted but moved to the blog entry Interpreting the IPS voter survey as it actually pertains to that essay.