02 June 2006

The Mbeki Syndrome

South Africa has the highest HIV prevalance rate of any major country. It is said that its president is immobilised by denial. To admit the problem is to concede that black Africans are an irresponsible race. Crazy, right? But this kind of attitude can be found all over the world. In Singapore too? Full essay.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

How dare u associate LKY with Myeki? Mei Sei Kor? (Haven't die yet, is it)

For all u know, LKY may sue u for

Anyway, it's very creative of u to suggest the link.

Alan wong

Desmond Lim said...

gosh, your last statement is so true. we in the community tend to discriminate against each other because of some preconceived notion of 'right' and 'wrong'. we want to be accepted by society and yet, we can’t accept our own community. ironic isn’t it.

pleinelune said...

If I might nitpick, now India has taken over as the country with the highest HIV rates. *sigh*

Salt * Wet * Fish said...

Probably this too is Mbeki Syndrome.


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Anonymous said...

I guess you will have read Edward Hoopers's "The River", where it was proposed that AIDS was a man- made disease that started in Africa as a result of vaccine testing by a US company.

Although it has mostly fallen out of favour and seems to be the equivalent of the "Davinci Code" amongst scientific circles, it still remains the ultimate of conspiracy theories to me.

The interesting thing is that it was used a rallying point for black african pride, to be able to blame the west for AIDS, and thus reinforce their "I'm a victim" complex.

What you said about Mbeki sounds true, but I guess it is nothing new.

Mandela is also not such a great guy as many western liberals make him out to be. A known anti-semite, he often schmoozed with, and invited members of known terrorist organisations to meetings and conferences set up by him. I believe Hizbollah was one of his favs.