12 July 2006

Let Mr Brown speak

Eric Tan wrote a letter to the Straits Times Forum regarding the "suspension" of the Mr Brown column. The newspaper declined to publish it. The letter.


Anonymous said...

The govt has been waiting for the excuse to hammer Mr Brown because of his bak chor mee podcast.

That vindictiveness from the lky era (is it over?) has been simply brought over and carried on, monkey see, monkey do fashion.

Anonymous said...


All the comments in here

Anonymous said...

i read Eric Tan's excellent article on Mr Brown. let mr Brown speak! perhaps I have been away too long from Singapore, I am too use to the First Amendment right- the freedom of free speech, that it is difficult for me to understand and comprehend PAP's continued 'ban/suspension', Is mr Brown such an overwhelming threat to national security, that the Singapore govt has to shut him up?

Anonymous said...

he is free to speak; so is vivian baladrishnan; the question is which gets reported in the media

little serious discussion of alternative points of view appears because the media are not sure which would be OB, and because the audience are not very interested; they thought jokers like mr brown are both safe and popular; they were wrong

DOM said...

Eric Tan! So Say We All!!!

Medusa aka expiringpoet said...

Everyone here should circulate a copy of this letter via email to everyone they know. If the newspaper wont publish it, citizens can always do their part to get around the censorship.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have a reply to your letter. Click here

A snapshot is :

>(Quoting you): Further more, I do not agree with MICA that Mr.
>Brown has to provide an alternative policy.

That is NOT true - we did not say that.

Who has been spreading the untruth that we said that you (or anyone) MUST provide an alternative ?

. . .

Anonymous said...

Are you the Alex Au who wrote for Asia Times?

Anonymous said...

mica has to be seen doing their job so has to respond to mr brown article.
today also needs to be seen doing their fair share of national service so it suspends mr brown's column.
let it rest a while i am sure mr brown will be back again in the near future.

HairyFairy said...


i belive this will be more than enough to conclude the current political state of Singapore.

lets all push for a freedom-of-expression country shall we?

regards. lance.

Anonymous said...

The Straits Times won't publish a letter criticising another publication because it is not polite to do so. This is likely to be more of an editorial decision than any thing else. The letter should have been sent directly to Today, but it turns out that Today didn't want to publish any letters on the issue.