24 July 2006

Sauce for the goose

Columnist Andy Ho of the Straits Times warns against political videos, particularly those that mock and parody our leaders. Meanwhile, in another column, are jokes that mock and parody (not our) leaders. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

did they get sued?

teck soon said...

In his article, Alex wonders if "our mainstream media would just as readily send a senior writer out into the depths of Ghim Moh, Woodlands and Paya Lebar..."

Ha! That's a good one!

But the senior writers are too busy censoring/filtering all the important things that the junior writers happen to suss out to actually act like journalists. Censoring does take a lot of work, so let's give them some credit; the same credit is equally deserved by the MDA for all the work they do in censoring films. It must get really tiring for them to watch risque sex videos all day, only to decide that they're simply too titillating for other Singaporeans to view.

That's what many Singaporeans are good at sussing out: information (jokes and porn) that the common folk shouldn't be allowed to see. For their own good, of course.
Alex, did you intentionally remove the link to this "sampler" from your main webpage?

Maynard Tan said...

Who needs jokes, when the truth is funnier.
Wong Kan Seng was seated next to a French diplomat at an official function. The Frenchie raised his glass and went, "Bon appetit".
Mr Wong thought he was introducing himself, and responded, "Wong Kan Seng."

anon said...

There are plenty of jokes going round. Surprised you've never pointed these out.


A tourist and a Singaporean tour guide were walking along a street and saw two statues.

"Who is this?" asked the tourist, pointing to the female one.

"This is Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy," came the reply.

"And who is that?" asked the tourist, pointing to the male statue.

"That is Kuan Yew, the God of No Mercy."

circa 1997
Lee Kuan Yew was having a drink during a party when a female hostess stepped forward to him.

"Let's tango," she offered.

"What? I'LL NEVER LET TANG GO!" he thundered.

Lee Hsien Loong, Tony Tan and Chiam See Tong were walking in Geylang and saw a prostitute in the street.

Lee Hsien Loong stopped Tony as the latter was walking towards her, saying, "Tony, Tan."

He then spoke to Chiam, "Chiam See Tong."

Finally, he pointed to himself. "Lee, Hsien Loong."

[this last one needs some knowledge of Chinese dialect]