15 April 2007

Defending the national scripture

Another of Martyn See's films is banned. In the latest one, an ex-political detainee, Said Zahari, protested that he had not been a communist in 1963 when he was arrested, but why must a historical question be subject to bans? Full essay.


Anonymous said...

a movie like this would only get a small audience; most people are busy looking at SPG/michelle quek websites; so the banning is not due to fear of political impact; it is more of an image thing, of not wanting to look weak

Wolfgang said...

I'm really sorry to say this but Singapore's brand of democracy is the same type of "democracy" China has. Where 1 person/party has the power to do whatever they want. Where their word is gospel truth and no mere mortals can go against it.

KiWeTO said...

"victors write the history"?

its taken 50 years for the more balanced German view of WWII to start to come to light.

It took 200 years to recognize that science (or our understanding of how reality works), is usually irrefutable once it is proven; no amount of theology can unexplain science.

unfortunately for the 'wronged' persons, history takes a bit longer to clear them of the charges of heresy.

Oh well.

nothing lasts forever. No empire ever will.


Anders said...

Sorry for my ignorance int this matter. Being a foreigner I don't understand all parts of Singapore's history. This might also be slightly off the point, but why does it at all matter if he was communist or not? Is it considered acceptable to imprison someone on those grounds? That seems like a too convenient way to deal with your political opponents.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore's case the centre of the universe is LKY. Simple as that. And the govt and their eunuchs revolve themselves around his and his family's whims and fancy.

Danny said...

Yeah, it's sad to hear about such things happening here. It's bad enough that the censorship board is banning art films like Royston Tan's 15 from being shown here, but with the government stepping in, there'll be no end to it.

Anywayz, I feel this is a really bad move by the gahmen... To quote what Yanjie quoted on another blog,

” We know what is right and what is wrong but sometimes, when you try to take us to one side, the other side seems a lot more interesting and tempting”