01 April 2007

Lights, action..... and cut

More examples of petty censorship in action by MDA as well as self-censorship by Mediacorp. Some clauses in the MDA's Free-to-air TV Program Code you might not have noticed. Full essay.


Nereid said...

Looking at how the anti-smoking campaign's advert got parents and public in a tizzy, it hardly surprises me that MDA is so squeamish.

My own theory is that the present administration would happily be far more liberal, but is being held back because of citizen prudery -- after all, if publicity on a matter of literal life and death (smoking kills!) can be restricted due to outcry from some members of the public, what else is possible?

KiWeTO said...

An outcry from some members?

Wouldn't that be bowing to the tyranny of the noisy individual?


anyway, the only thing one can do is to continue pointing out how ludicrious these censorship attempts are,and hopefully, one day, Singapore will truly aspire to be a world-class city in things other than economic.

Maybe we can figure out how to start a media-watch record? for every instance of censorship, a record is tallied... without evidence of insanity, how can anyone prove that the code is mad?

Then again, this is Sinapore, a country that tries to out-prude its colonists from the Victorian era.


Anonymous said...

They still dare to tell you theirs is first world standard, I think its worst than 3rd world. As least 3rd world countries do not have so much restriction.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what MDA does with the 300 films that are supposed to be produced annually by the students at the new film school (Tisch?) from New York that has just opened in Singapore!!

Anonymous said...

Do you guys know that just a few years ago a Temasek polytechnic student was questioned by the ISD because he made a short animation clip about 9/11? The police descended on the polytechnic to confiscate computer hardware and other materials. Of course in the end it was just over reaction by the authorities. The censorship begins early on in education institutions and students are left without doubt what they can say and can't say.