23 November 2007

It's the principle, stupid

Guest writer John Toh ruminates on marriage and the values we imbue it with. Why adhere to traditional forms of marriage when we have the capacity to think? Guest essay.


Larry said...

My outlook on life was certainly influenced by the culture I grew up in here in the US and because of this I had an expectation that the “gay movement” would address a universal need. It wasn’t until I read The Gay Archipelago, Sexuality and Nation in Indonesia, by Tom Boellstorf, that I began to understand how much one’s culture and social environment affects one’s outlook and sense of identity. The book cites many examples of Indonesian men who are not conflicted by their homosexual orientation and a desire to marry a woman and produce children.

Anonymous said...

basically, you are advocating ' fuck whomever you fancy' as long as the unbounded( bias free) relationship is mutual and consensual. most men, being men, will wish it is that simple. unfortunately, and you have not realized thus far, your true 'enemies' are basically women. they are the ones who are strong adherence to traditions and religious values. and why shouldn't they defend these values when it is clearly in their interests that men remain as normal men and be only monogamous and stay faithful to one?

you are a threat to most women. religion second only because it is a useful justification.

woman's rights have gone beyond mere bra burning you know.

Anonymous said...

GCT's 2002 NDP speech on "Stayers vs Quitters" had caused a deep chasm between Sporeans - the former, a conservative, traditional & homebound group while the other, liberal, cosmopolitan, adventurous. Oscar is a stayer while John is a quitter. Oscar the stayer is definitely envious of John's free choices/out of the closet lifestyle & is playing a guilt trip on John - filial piety, family, benevolent govt. People migrate because of lifestyle, economic & free choices, healthcare, education & work opportunities, etc. Spore in spite of its economic progress, is still a conservative,traditional,limited & rigid society. Despite a show of wealth, Spore is still a low income but high cost, material-based economy. Stayers are forced to assume debts to show they are well-to-do with material comforts - condo, car, credit cards, club membership. Truth be told, tertiary education in Spore is unaccessible to the average Joe as preference is to foreign scholars. Healthcare is expensive & unaffordable. In a changing world where mature civil societies are now concern about environment & global warming issues, Spore is still trapped focusing on a material-based system which encourage consumption & waste eg. enblocs encouraging demolition of good buildings, more shopping malls, 24-hr outlets. GCT's 2002 speech served to close rank amongst conservative "heartlanders" firmly behind an intolerant & rigid govt where in cabinet, there are many Fundamental Christian Ministers. In science, evolution has proven creation theory to be false & archaeologists have found Jesus' tomb thus creating doubt about his resurrection. If Christianity is based on falsehood, then the entire value system in Spore in the traditional & religious sense has become irrelevant, questionable & flawed. If to maintain traditional family value systems meant forgoing future opportunities, are such sacrifices deemed worthy? Does keeping other family members happy warrant making yourself miserable & suffer a sense of loss through deprivation. In the end, your will is the key to making those choices. No one & no values should cloud your judgement & influence your choices.