19 November 2007

Parliamentarians with nothing to say

Singapore boasts about being ahead in information technology. Funny, then, how few members of parliament maintain an active blog. Full essay.


yuen said...

like everyone else in singapore, the parliamentarians wait for certain agenda items to be revealed, and some out of bound markers to be established, so that they will speak on "relevant" topics in an "acceptable" manner; such occasions only arise now and then, e.g., when homosexuality was put on the table, with indications that bounds were somewhat broad, a certain variety of views was revealed; now that a decision has been announced, the scope for discussion narrows again

Anonymous said...

There is nothing much to say because it has always been a show and tell. Frankly, it is better to remain silent if you have nothing to say than to risk being exposed as a bimbo. Molly Meek can attest to that.

The hustings of parliamentarians leading to the Australian November 24 election is worth following (and emulating). Even the liberal government is subjected to scrutiny by the administration and government agencies during an election campaign - without fear or favor.

Regardless of a Howard-Costello or a Rudd government victory this Saturday, the parliamentarians and civil servants have the interests and hearts of the Australian people. That matters.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Yes, I was just thinking about the Australian elections too. Despite the economy doing relatively well, people seem to be tired of John Howard's governing style and wanting a change. This must worry the PAP who have long believed that if they keep delivering on the economy, they'd stay in power forever. Perhaps it would only reinforce their belief that true liberal democracy should never be allowed in Singapore, lest they be thrown out.

Anonymous said...

Let's get this straight people. They have no interest to really represent you. When, tell me when have our views been really Debated, our grievances truly looked into? All they do is to 'wayang' and earn their pocket money(it's a part time job isn't it?) and once in a while fart for your attention.

Anonymous said...

On the Australian election, it may be interesting to note that John may loose his Bennelong seat to a former ABC new reader, and a newcomer. She appears to be more connected than John, and has been working the ground. In my opinion, you need to connect with the people to represent them. Otherwise, you will have "nothing to say".

On the tiny red dot, the people have been prescribed bitter pills (and anti-biotic?) all these years without knowing about their side effects. Their immune system are probably damaged. They need more bitter pills from the spin doctors to stay high.

BTW, I hope the "fart for your attention" is odorless, and not surin gas.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, politics in Spore is dead! Those MPs no longer served the people or the grassroots. They are either plucked from high positions from GLCs or statutory boards eg. academia, uniformed or civil service. These MPs are just "Yes" people with much to lose if they go against their bosses. In short, they served in order to gain rewards. They have NO passion in politics at all! That is why they are so silent with nothing to say either in parliament or in their BLOGs.

This situation works well in the interim when things are ok! However, it is akin to driving blind with no feel of the road. As long as the road is straight, everything is good. But with the 1st blind corner, the car will go off the road. This analogy best illustrate the situation Spore is in.

The MPs do not connect well with the people or the grassroots. The govt has been showing signs of disconnect with the people. Lim Hng Kiang's interpretation of the CPi already suggesting a lack of understanding of CPi and a rather arrogant statement akin to "No bread, let them eat cake!".

BLOGs are a 2-way internet innovation which allows views to be dissemated & public comments to discus such views. The fact that political BLOGs are nearly non-existent simply reveals Spore style of govt - 1-way with no recourse for alternative views. Such govts do not last! They are like isolated organisms that feed on itself. When there is nothing left, they die!

Anonymous said...

What do we expect from a bunch of 'yes minister' type of MPs, some of whom are there through the help of the GRCs. Representing the people's interest? Even their 'farting once in a while' needs to comply with the OB markers.

bernard said...

u may be interested in this from the nytimes


"Tehran Journal
From Iran’s Fiery Leader, a Slightly Tamer Blog
Newsha Tavakolian/Polaris, for The New York Times
Mohammad Ali Abtahi, a former vice president who updates his own blog daily, is not impressed with Mr. Ahmadinejad's blog, calling the president’s site “just a formality.”

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Published: December 11, 2007
TEHRAN, Dec. 10 — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran, is not the first name that comes to mind when thinking of net surfers and instant messages. Yet, it turns out, the man is a blogger.