30 March 2008

Hotel Singapore now officially gay-friendly

Kerry Sieh, a gay American, was convinced enough by Lee Kuan Yew's words to take up a new job in Singapore. Full essay.


Anonymous said...

Singles are also sub-classed citizens in Hotel Singapore. Given the rapidly growing number of singles, the political pressure is likely to be stronger to reduce the inequity to singles than that for gays. Maybe fighting for less discrimination against singles will help the gay fight for equality too?

Teck Soon said...

So was special permission given to allow his partner to receive a social visit pass? I'm trying to understand what the meaning of his quote there in the paper is. Does it mean foreign gays generally can arrange this now?

Anonymous said...

THis is horrible. I didn't know that the ISD can snoop on citizens like that! This moral policing has to stop.

Yawning Bread Sampler said...

Teck Soon -

I have added an addendum about another expat who was NOT given similar permission. Kerry Sieh's case does not seem to represent any change in policy, but appears to be merely an exception for someone the govt wants badly enough.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, your title is mere to be sarcastic.

Singapore has never been friendly on this front since the past according to my research.

There still exist many forms of discriminations right now in Singapore. E.g. against older singles, gay persons, foreign migrant workers etc.

Given this context, it is tough to live in Singapore for persons in the discriminated class.

People don't dare to discuss this openly for fear of quiet behind-the-back reprisal.


Anonymous said...

I honestly dun believe Kerry S whole heartedly sees "+ve change" in socially backward Singapore to be moved deep enuff on that claim, to relocate here for his offer. The pay package must have had been too atractive to resist. What's the real big sacrifice? Think about it; earn millions of peanuts whilst taking blissful holidays to neighbouring havens on weekends/holidays with one's partner for more research of the bodily kind. Make enuff and relocate again to friendlier places. Is that a bad deal?
Is not that they will be arrested here for sharing the same roof or be seen dining together in a 8 star restaurant? Look at famous rich gay people here, do they face problems while hamming it up everywhere; clubs, shopping and even in your face TV programs on the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Please!
Singapore's neither here nor there messed up policies are simply that-messed up. This is not an Islamic extremist state yet, ie, if it doesn't otherwise turn into a puritan Christian fundamental state one day at the rate things are going, where gay coupling, if even remotely suspected unfairly, can have one be put to death.
Singapore has a "world-class" (wait, I need to vomit) legal system u know. zzz
If one were to be paid 2 tonnes of golden peanuts to work in the Congo of Africa, one just might. So Singapore, dun flatter yourself. As long as peanuts are served and monkeys still run this primal country, it's still Planet Of the Apes-remixed.

Like what the character that Al Pacino played on the multiple Emmy award winning TV series, Angels In America, said in essence, about being gay in the show; -When one is rich and powerful, they dun see u as gay, but just a rich heterosexual who likes the company of other men.

Brilliant. Enough said. Peanuts anyone? And we'll not talking about NTUC house brand?